Weekly Forum 2015: #19

This week, let’s discuss the newest publications from the John H Watson Society!

Our Spring 2015 volume of The Watsonian was special to us for a number of reasons. Not only is it the largest volume to date (over 200 pages of content) but it was also one of the last great works from our dear Buttons before going beyond the terrace. I will always treasure this book for its literary and emotional significance to me.

The Adventure of the Duke’s Study by Luca Sartori “Victor” is the first in The Fiction Series and has received a good deal of praise from readers. I personally enjoyed it as it was not only a well-written story, but it also taught me about art and history in the process of reading. Wonderful work, “Victor”!

Some Observations Upon the Early Writing of John H Watson, MD, 1887-1894 by James C O’Leary “Pippin” is the second work to be featured in our Monograph Series and it is one of my favorite pieces of Watsonian scholarship. Pippin put a great deal of thought and effort in his endeavor, which makes it a lovely read. I hope this work will spark further conversations on Dr Watson’s early writings and what we can learn about the dear doctor in the process.

(Please note: Although the books were mailed out in late April and many of you received your books by now, a few of you may not have gotten them in the mail yet, particularly for some of you overseas. If you do not receive your package in the course of the next week or so, please contact me and I can look into this for you.)

A New Phonebook Moment!

A few days ago, some very special parcels started making their way to the mailboxes of JHWS members, and Greg Ruby, “Robin”, wrote from Maryland yesterday to say:

Hello all!

I am pleased to report that The Watsonian plus two other pamphlets arrived in today’s post.

The video in the attached link mimics my reaction at the mailbox –

Hope everyone has a great day.

Greg aka Robin

As that movie just happened to be a favourite of our dear Buttons, that clip is extremely apropos.

We on the West Coast tend to get everything a few days after folks out East, so I’m still eagerly waiting!

New Publications from the John H Watson Society

Hello Everyone!

As we are nearing the end of April, you may be wondering if the Spring edition of The Watsonian will be delayed. The circumstances were certainly not ideal for us and there were some surprises along the way… but I’m very happy to say that the latest Watsonian is being mailed out just as you’re reading this!

I think everyone is in for quite a treat. Our dear Buttons was very ambitious this volume and I believe the hard work and warmth he put into this edition can truly be felt. It’s over 200 pages of content and filled with fascinating contributions from our fellow John H Watson Society members.

This volume features a heartfelt memorial from Don Yates “Pal” concerning our friend and mentor beyond the terrace. I really believe that Button’s influence can be found throughout the book and it is all of the more lovely as a result.

I could tell you more about its contents, but I’d rather you experience reading it for yourself. You’ll find this special package in the mail in the course of the next few weeks, depending on the post. I hope it will arrive safely and in good speed.

However, that isn’t going to be the only book to enjoy. We are also sending our members the first volume of a series that Buttons had inspired and cultivated over the course of the past year. The first installment of The Fiction Series will be a pastiche that draws a great deal from Italian art and history: “The Adventure of the Duke’s Study” by Luca Sartori “Victor”

Our dear “Victor” put a great deal of thought and effort into his tale and his hard work shows. His mentor, Alessandra Calanchi “Bianca”, asked for me to convey this message to everyone:

“I am overwhelmed with emotion since I wish I could thank Don for this gift he has made to my student and myself. I do miss him… I would like everyone know my gratitude. Thanks a lot to everybody and congratulations for the wonderful work you all make.”

Also, you will find one more volume in the package once it arrives. Due to the difficult challenges we’ve had to face this past month, this particular book had not gone out nearly as early as originally intended and for that I apologize deeply. However, I think this work is well worth the wait, as it is a very carefully thought-out piece and an absolutely wonderful read. I’m speaking, of course, of the latest edition of our Monograph Series: “Some Observations Upon the Early Writing of John H Watson, MD, 1887-1894” by James C O’Leary “Pippin”

If you are intrigued by the title of this Monograph, you will be even more interested to know that our friend James “Pippin” shall be the new Editor-in-Chief of the Watsonian. We have assembled a talented editorial team around him composed of (but not limited to): Stephan “Dalton,” Elinor “Misty,” and Harrison “Dash,” in addition to helpful advisers such as Bob “Willow,” Andrea “Asta,” and Joanne “Sandy.” (I will continue to do design and layout for all JHWS publications.)

I would like to thank “Pippin” and the new JHWS Editorial team for their willingness to take up such a momentous task. Also, if anyone has ideas to contribute for the next Watsonian (coming this October!), then please contact our new Editor-in-Chief at pippin[at]johnhwatsonsociety.com

Now you may have noticed that I said the Monograph is one more volume in the package heading your way. Yes, that’s a total of three books! Although the Monograph Series is meant to be sold and distributed separately, we have been blessed with an incredibly generous gift for this one very special occasion. For this one time, all current members will receive a free copy of the latest volume in the Monograph Series.

In a sense, this is the final gift from our good friend Don “Buttons” as well as a heartfelt act of generosity from the lovely Andrea “Asta.”

I don’t have words powerful enough to express the full extent of my gratitude to you, “Asta,” but I hope you understand how much this amazing gift means to me. I hope my fellow members will join me in thanking you for going above and beyond to ensure the prosperity and happiness of the John H Watson Society.

I hope all of you will enjoy the new publications!

IMG_20150423_005211~2With Love,
“Carla Buttons”
A Boy in Buttons

Coin of the Canonical Realm by Nicholas Utechin “Rex.”

Coin of the Canonical Realm by Nicholas Utechin
Published in December 2013.
58 pages, perfect bound.
Price: $9.00 USD
US Postage: $3.00 USD
International Postage: $5.00 USD

In this, the first monograph published by the John H Watson Society, Nicholas Utechin sets out to make 21st century sense of all the 19th century mentions of money in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Have you ever stopped to wonder exactly what a ‘half-sovereign’ would buy today? Find out what Mary Morstan stood to gain if the Agra treasure had not been hurled out of the Aurora. How much in dollars – then and now – would Neville St. Clair’s daily begging takings have amounted to? Could Sir Henry Baskerville’s $6 boots be bought for an equivalent sum in 2014?

Coin of the Canonical Realm is an important work whose validity might not survive all-engulfing world inflation, but currently provides the first ever detailed snapshot of the practicalities of Holmes’s financial world.

The Society is covering its printing and postage costs with $1.50 remaining to contribute to future publishing projects. Please support the Society’s efforts to further original research in Canonical topics. Payment may be made via PayPal or credit card.

About the author: NICHOLAS UTECHIN is a Director-at-Large of the John H. Watson Society (‘Rex’), a Baker Street Irregular (‘The Ancient British Barrow’) and an Honorary Member of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London (having edited “The Sherlock Holmes Journal” from 1976-2006). He is a freelance journalist and worked for many years as a producer and presenter on BBC radio. He lives in Oxford, U.K.

Call For Papers

The Society is accepting papers, articles, fiction, humor, and miscellanea for the April 2015 issue ofThe Watsonian. Unlike most journals, we do not have a backlog of submissions and we will have space in the forthcoming journal for material submitted by February 15, 2015.

Submission guidelines are found in the current issue. We would remind authors that we prefer all articles to use endnotes rather than footnotes at the bottom of the pages.  Footnotes are pre-formatted by Word and we have to remove them prior to creating the final printing files. Plus, endnotes are much easier for the author, the editors, and the designer. Please do not use super-script numerals in the text; rather, please use regular numerals in brackets in this style at the point of an endnote in the text:  This signifies an endnote [1], [2], [3], etc.

Members will receive the first of our new publication, The Fiction Series, with their copy of the April 2015 issue of the journal. It is a longish short story titled The Duke’s Study by Luca Sartori “Victor,” a Member and a student at the University of Urbino in Italy.

The Society especially encourages first-time writers. One does not need to be a “scholar” or an “expert.” These are terms that have little relevance in a Society like ours where everyone’s thoughts and efforts are welcome, whether in print or online.

Writers need not be concerned about the editing experience; we are kind and helpful, and we attempt not to make it difficult or tedious. We exist as a Society to have fun and our journal has the same purpose.  Please give some thought to writing about that topic in the Canon you have always thought about and send us your submission.

Send all submissions to Buttons:  buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com

Dan Andriacco “Dutch” has Kind Words for The Watsonian

Our valued Member and noted Sherlockian author, Dr Dan Andriacco “Dutch,” has reviewed the October issue of The Watsonian and offers some very kind words for our authors. Dan quotes the issue as 160 pages, rather than the 180 pages as readers will discover.  Btt, as Dan says, all pages are chock-full of great content on Watson and even a few on Holmes.

Dan has several new books–all very well-written and fascinating–in his Sebastian McCabe and Jeff Cody series.  Take a look at his always fun website:


A Warm Tribute from our Chair to Joanne Yates

Dear Fellow Watsonians:

I am very pleased to see that The Watsonian has had such an enthusiastic reception among its readers. Many people, of course, have contributed to its success. Our “Buttons” has been a tireless cheerleader for the journal and the dozens of authors of the pieces included in the first two issues have borne out the belief that the time has come to turn more critical attention to the role of Dr John H Watson in the creation of Sherlock Holmes saga.

From the outset, my wife Joanne M. Yates has served as The Watsonion’s editor. I think that perhaps no one could have brought more consistent good judgment and taste to the preparation of the first issues of this new magazine destined for its many subscribers.

Anticipating a first issue of at most 80 pages, I was amazed to see that the two numbers of Volume I consisted of 152 and 172 pages, respectively; and the third number, due out this fall, gives promise of extending quite a bit beyond these totals to nearly 250 pages.

From its inception, Joanne has given her level best in establishing and maintaining the quality and readability of our journal, but its gratifying success has understandably required more time and energy than she had expected and she has come to realize that her attention was being drawn away from other previous commitments that she has made, especially that of serving as president of the non-profit 4Paws Learning Wellness Center.

I am sure that her achievements as editor of our magazine’s early issues will stand as a lasting tribute to her talent and devotion to our Society. When I realized that she would not be able to continue in her editorial capacity, she said that she had unhesitatingly devoted all the time necessary to the journal because it was, in a way, a birthday gift bestowed on her husband by Don Libey and other Napa Valley Napoleons back in 2013. She added that the friendships she has formed with so many contributors has been more than ample reward.

I have long received the benefits of her loyalty and dedication, so I am expressing my deep gratitude to her in this way, on our JHWS blog, where all our fellow members can acknowledge her service over the past two years.

With warm regards,

Don Yates “Pal”
The John H Watson Society
The Society joins in Dr Yates’ tribute To Joanne:

All of our Members join in expressing their sincere appreciation to Dr Joanne Yates for her wonderful creation of The Watsonian.  It is entirely due to her talent that the journal has become so well-regarded and appreciated by all of the Members. Thank you!

Deadline for October Journal Submissions Nearing

We are fast approaching 15 August, the deadline for submissions for the October issue of The Watsonian. We encourage all Members and non-members who wish to have an article or paper considered for publication to send their manuscript to the editor, Dr Joanne Yates  publisher@johnhwatsonsociety.com .

As always, we are interested in student papers and articles and ask that Members try to encourage and guide a student in the valuable skills of research and writing. Perhaps nothing is more significant to the future of our hobby and the development of their skills.

The Society is also delighted that at least two papers are in the works as a result of the new Weekly Forum topics. Both are joint-efforts as a result of the blog threads from the lively discussions. This is unique and may be an historic event in Sherlockian/Watsonian experience as these may be the first papers ever published from blog posts.

There is always room for your research, thoughts, ideas and creativity. The Society is an inclusive group; we desire interested Watsonians to take part and to approach the Society with innovative projects. Whether you are a first time author is not important; that you try is what counts.

It is sometimes helpful to reflect that, if Doctor Watson had not sat down and written A Study in Scarlet, we would not have his priceless legacy nor would we have discovered Mr Holmes. And, John Watson was not a writer, he was a half-pay former medical officer with few prospects. There are, in all of us, hidden talents and abilities waiting to be  explored and fulfilled. Go for it!

Digital Edition of the Society’s Journal Now Available

A number of you– including Don Pollock “Hound” and Bob Katz “Willow”–have previously suggested that the Society consider a digital edition of The Watsonian, as well as the print edition.  Buttons was undecided and did not wish to slight or endanger our superb print edition.

Now, through the logic and reasoned persuasion offered by Margie Deck “Gwen,” the following one-year test is being conducted:

The Society will make a digital edition of the entire 178 page April 2014 journal available to members and non-members, as an elective purchase. Both extra print copies and digital copies will be priced at $10.00 per copy (the same cost as the two-year subscription for members). Orders for extra print copies will be  sent postage-paid; orders for digital copies will be downloaded to your email address. It should be noted that print copies are limited and may not be available. We print only 200 to 250 copies each issue, and they go fast!  If we are out of print on an issue, at least you can now have the Pdf digital edition.

This is not a change to your subscription as a member of the Society. You will continue to receive the print edition twice a year. This is only for those of you who wish extra copies or for non-members who would like to have the journal or have a digital copy for their libraries.

As the cost at $10.00 for either print or digital is the same as the Member cost, we believe we will not lose members and, in fact, when digital buyers see the advantage of paying $40 for two-years and four journals, they may as well join the Society and become active participants in the fastest growing Watsonian organization in the world! Plus, we believe the Society may benefit by selling a fair number of digital editions to non-members and, thereby, lowering our print production costs and ensuring the financial stability of our wonderful print journal for the years to come.

The print and digital editions of The Watsonian are available for purchase on the Society Publications page.  Choose the Buy Now button and scroll down to select the version desired. You will be taken to PayPal where you may choose cash payment or credit card, as you wish.  If you purchase the digital edition, the Society will be notified of your payment and will email you the digital copy of the journal within two days (most  are sent the same day and, in fact, often within an hour or two).

So, thank you Margie Deck “Gwen” for your very helpful analysis and for persuading the Society to open up access to our fine journal to Sherlockians and Watsonians worldwide. And thank you to others who have made very helpful suggestions recently regarding the journal and the production costs associated with a print publication.  We appreciate all of your thoughts and take them very seriously. We are all about inclusiveness and access to our Society by as many enthusiasts as care to be involved. This is a wonderful step forward for our goal of honouring Doctor Watson for his many excellent qualities and values and for his immortal talent as a writer.  Insperata Floruit.

The Long Summer . . .

With the long days of summer stretching out ahead, thoughts turn naturally to those pleasant hours spent in activities of creation and scholarship. So much to read and think about; so much to write.

We extend to you an invitation for research, scholarship and articles for publication in the October issue of The Watsonian. The long days of summer can culminate in new ideas on the Canon, new ideas on Doctor Watson, and new ideas on The Game. Your scholarship can enrich not only all of our members and the Great Study we all are interested in, but it can enrich your life as well.

We welcome first time and experienced writers alike. We particularly hope for articles from young researchers of the Canon; so many questions remain for you to explore; so much light can be shed on the mysteries of 1895. If you are an experienced Canonical writer, perhaps mentoring a university or high school student would be a rewarding experience. And what better use of our days of summer could we find?

Out journal has recently achieved new highs in publishing excellence; we have received kind comments from all over the world on the articles, research, humour, crossword, and the miscellanea in this very full issue. Now, we need to begin preparing our articles and submissions for the October issue, an issue we hope will continue the standard of excellence established by Dr Joanne Yates, our Editor and Publisher. Our journal is a treasure, our very own Agra Treasure, and it is our members who give us wondrous large pearls every issue.

As the calendar turns to August, we will embark upon our month-long Second Annual John H Watson World Invitational Treasure Hunt. This year, we will attempt to create the most difficult 100 word Treasure Hunt in Canonical history. Last year we had a fine effort and we will try to raise the bar a notch higher in 2014.

KNOW ALL WHO READ, WORLDWIDE: You are invited to field a team of Quiz Masters from your International or U.S. scion club, association, or group. We suggest teams of five members, all working from the Canon as represented by the one-volume edition of The Complete Sherlock Holmes; Doubleday, 1930 with the Preface by Christopher Morley. Additionally, the questions will be drawn from the historical scholarship of The Baker Street JournalBaker Street Miscellanea, The Sherlock Holmes Journal, and other publications concerning the Canon.

We welcome inquiries from international teams and hope to have team participation from Canada, U.K., France, Italy, Spain, India, or wherever Watsonians and Sherlockians may be assembled. Please watch the Treasure Hunt page of this website for forthcoming details.

So . . . Enjoy summer. And please enjoy the creative satisfaction of your important contributions to the activities of our Society. We exist because of your enthusiasm. And we are thankful for what you give to us all.

The Journal Arrives!

Most of our members should receive the April issue of The Watsonian beginning today (Friday), as it was sent First Class last Monday. International mailings have also been sent First Class (at a whopping $8.91 postage per copy!) and should arrive beginning next week.

The Society welcomes your comments and observations regarding this second issue, especially as it relates to the length of the journal (172 pages), content, and quality of the articles.

We will be evaluating a number of factors concerning the size, production cost, and postage rates of the journal and your input will be critical. It is a bit ironic that technology allows us to print a journal of 172 pages and bind it for $4.50 a copy, but to get it to England, France, Italy, Spain, UAE, and elsewhere, it costs twice that amount for postage! The domestic U.S. postage alone is nearly $2.50 per journal. Our total cost for this issue was $1,400.00. That is very close to our budget of $10.00 per journal ($40 for four issues which is our current two-year dues rate). But, as postage and print costs continue to spiral upward, our only alternative is to charge more. Actually, a reduction in the page count to, say, 80 pages will STILL cost about the same to produce and mail; we would save only a dollar or so. We would not gain that much by publishing a smaller journal (except wear and tear on our talented Editor). The printers and the post office have rates pretty well figured out in their favour.

We believe the Society and our Editor, Dr Joanne Yates, have produced one of the finest journals to be found, and we have all of our contributors to thank for that distinction and accomplishment. This is your journal. What we want to know, is: “What do you want going forward?” Bigger . . . Smaller . . . About the Same . . . ?

Please take a moment to leave a comment here about the journal after you have a chance to review it when it arrives; also, please give us your thoughts on what you wish to see going forward. What you have to say is very important. Thank you.

Update on Journal Mailing

Buttons owes the membership an update on the delayed April issue of The Wastsonian.

For reasons that need not detain us here, the April journal, which we had targeted to mail on May 6th was further delayed and will now mail May 16th.  It will be mailed First Class postage and receipt in your mail boxes should begin by May 20th;  international receipts should begin by May 27th.

The journal is 172 pages (and a big, wonderful issue) and we have shifted to a new mailing system.  The first journal was mailed from our former printer in a bubble bag and the postage and handling charged was almost as much as the cost of the journal itself.  We have changed to a new printer and mailing system which is:  Buttons will drive 100 miles to Tampa, Florida to our new printer and pick up the journals. He will then drive back home to Ocala, put them in less costly poly-wrap bags, address them with labels, and take them to the post office and mail them using stamps. Yes, it is a bit “old school” but it saves the Society a lot of money.

The upshot:  With a new printer now, a new mailing routine, and adjustments to the editing, software system and mailing routine, the next journal (October) will likely be on time.  As always, the lion’s share of the creative work belongs to our great authors and contributors and our talented Editor, Dr Joanne Yates, whose design and layout make our journal one of the best in all of the Sherlockian–and definitely in the Watsonian–worlds.

Sorry for the delays on this issue. . . always learning and adjusting here . . . “We can but try . . . “

April Journal Coming Soon

We had hoped to mail the April issue of The Watsonian by the 20th of April, but it will take a while longer than expected. This is a LARGE issue, bigger than the inaugural edition and has taken longer to produce.  Plus, to be more efficient and save on postage and handling charges by the printer, Buttons will do the mailings from Florida which requires shipping all copies in bulk from the printer.To be safe, we are targeting a mail date of May 6th, which should see domestic arrivals beginning on May 15 and international arrivals by the end of May.  So, overall we will be about two weeks longer than anticipated.

Thank you for your kind understanding and patience. The upside is that we can say YOU WILL ENJOY THIS ISSUE!  Dr Joanne Yates, our Editor and Publisher, has done a wonderful job of design, coaching, and creating a fine journal with many fascinating articles, papers, and observations by a large cast of our creative and talented members.

Call for Papers

The Society welcomes scholarly papers, articles, original fiction, miscellanea or other submissions for the April 2014 issue of The Watsonian. Members and non-members are invited to submit works by 15 February 2014, the deadline. The journal will print and mail in April 2014. We encourage you to submit your writing directly to Dr Joanne Yates, Editor and Publisher.

Email to: publisher@johnhwatsonsociety.com

We are particularly interested in articles from students and encourage all members to give as much notification as possible to students of the Canon in your area.

The submissions for the April issue along with those from the October 2013 issue will be the basis for awarding the various prizes and awards of the Society for its first publishing year.

Please join in furthering our efforts and the scholarship focused on Dr Watson by participating in this very important publishing mission. One need not be an experienced or academic writer; some of our most engaging articles come from individuals with a love for the writing and appreciation for the pleasures gained over the years.

We want to see your name on the cover!

The Watsonian: Inaugural Issue Arrives


The Watsonian is Here!
We are comfortable with saying the journal has arrived in our member’s mailboxes. If you have not received your issue, give it a few more days and then let Buttons know it has not been received.We are pleased that we have had no known glitches. Our printer, G&H Soho, in Elmwood Park, New Jersey has done a superb job of printing, binding and mailing and has our thanks for working with us on this first issue to get everything right. And, the Society was well within its production and postage budget for the first journal. Visit their website:  http://www.ghsoho.com .

The Society hopes you enjoy the journal and all of the excellent articles it contains from our very talented members. We have already received many kind comments from members and, if you have good things to say, or wish to comment in a constructive manner, please contact our Editor and Publisher, Dr Joanne Yates, via email at publisher@johnhwatsonsociety.com and let her know of your enjoyment, or leave a Comment here. If you wish your letter to be published in Letters to the Editor of the next journal, please indicate at the top of your email or letter: “For Letters to the Editor.” Joanne put hundreds of hours into this issue and has given us all the great benefit of her gigantic talents as an editor and a designer.

The next issue is 15 April 2014 and the deadline for articles, papers, and miscellanea is 15 February 2014. We encourage all of our members to submit selections for the journal. We will all be richer for your talents and interests. One does not have to be an experienced, published writer to submit. Some of our finest articles are from first-time writers. After all, we all share our love of Dr Watson, Sherlock Holmes and the Sacred Canon. That is the only requirement for interesting writing. Give it a try. You may just open and discover a whole new world within yourself.

The Watsonian: Progress Report on the First Issue

The inaugural issue of The Watsonian is at the printer and we await the final proof. It will print by the end of next week and will be in the mail on schedule,  on budget, and way above expectations by 15 October 2013. It is being printed and mailed from Elmwood Park, New Jersey, so those of you on the east coast will receive it first with the rest of the country a few days later, and international mail will take likely up to two weeks. But, it is very much worth the wait!

The journal is 152 pages, perfect bound, and it is beautiful!  Our Publisher and Editor, Joanne Yates, has gone far beyond the call of duty and, over hundreds of hours, has produced a fine, fine journal. But, you–our members and authors–have exceeded our wildest expectations. Your papers, articles, and miscellanea are both the highest quality and astonishingly high in quantity. We had to reserve at least four excellent papers for the next issue.

So, the Society is most happy to report a success in the making . . . the first issue of The Watsonian . . . and let’s all hope for many more to follow for a very long time! So, please start your papers and articles and fictional pieces for the April 2014 issue.

A Call for Papers

The John H Watson Society is accepting papers and manuscripts for publication in the forthcoming Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 issues of “The Watsonian.”The usual deadline for the Fall issue is being adjusted for 2013 due to the lateness of the year. The Fall submissions should reach the Society by September 15, 2013 for October 15 publication. The Spring issue deadline remains as described on “The Watsonian” webpage, January 15, 2014.

Membership in the Society is not required in order to submit papers, but it is encouraged. Students are encouraged to submit papers or manuscripts for the Watsonian Prize.  All others are encouraged to submit papers or manuscripts for the Yates, Pollock, or Col. Ted Schulz Awards.

The Society is particularly interested in articles concerning Dr. Watson’s life, medical practice, books and stories, and relationship with Sherlock Holmes. Papers should have a distinctly Watsonian view as opposed to the Sherlockian view.

Research papers concerning specific Watsonian subjects and his writing are also encouraged and include enumerative, descriptive and analytical bibliographical research into the Sacred Canon and John H Watson’s biographical work regarding Sherlock Holmes.

Creative writing, in the form of short stories, multi-part stories, or poetry are also requested and include pastiche and original work in the manner of Dr. Watson.

Journalistic articles and writing concerning Dr. Watson and the Sacred Canon, as well as examples of newsleters, print and online communications, and innovations strengthening the bonds between Watsonians and Sherlockians, and Watsonian, Scion and club ephemera, such as toasts, quizzes, special programs, are all encouraged for submission.

Papers and articles concerning the creation, building and development of specialized libraries and book collections concerned with the Watsonian and Sherlockian milieu are desired by the Society and encouraged for submission.

The Society will consider, equally, Traditionalist and Revisionist works.

Papers should be submitted in Word document format, preferably in a 4 x 6 page size, 12 point, single-spaced, with 1 inch top and bottom margins and 0.5 inch side margins.  Journalistic articles, newsletters and ephemera should be sent to the society, either electronically or in original.

Submissions should be made to publisher@johnhwatsonsociety.com .