Review Policy

Doctor Watson’s Bookshelf at the John H Watson Society is currently accepting books for review.


We review fiction and non-fiction published for children, young adults, and adults. Our focus is on works that feature Dr Watson (or, occasionally, a recognizably Watsonian figure).

Sources and Formats:

We accept requests from publishers and authors. Self-published books may be considered. We accept ARCs and/or finished (print) copies, as well as digital review copies. Access through NetGalley or Edelweiss is also acceptable. We reserve the right to decline to review any title.

Review Publication:

Reviews will be posted first here at and publicized via Twitter and Facebook. Individual reviewers may also post reviews on GoodReads and leave feedback on NetGalley/Edelweiss.

Review Format:

Our reviews reflect the sincere opinions of our individual reviewers. Reviews may include an image of the cover, a synopsis and/or publisher’s book description, brief quotes from the text, and reader’s advisory suggestions. Often, reviews will spotlight how Watson features in the work. Our intention is to share and call attention to great books, so we prefer to publish positive reviews and may opt to refrain from reviewing a work rather than publish a negative review.

If you would like to request a review or have questions about this review policy, please contact us.

FTC Disclosure:

We do not receive compensation for reviews.