Treasure Hunt Rules

The Annual John H Watson Canonical Treasure Hunt

The Rules

  1. The Annual John H Watson Canonical Treasure Hunt will be posted on the Society’s website on the Treasure Hunt page at exactly midnight (Pacific) on July 31st. A link will be posted at that time to allow participants to download the Treasure Hunt as a .pdf document. All participants will have an equal opportunity relative to time and access. The Treasure Hunt will end at midnight (Pacific) on August 31st. All categories of competition will be required to meet the same deadline.
  2. The Treasure Hunt will have two categories: Open Individual and Open Team. One individual and one team will be accorded High Honors with runners-up given Honors. As the competition is Open, participants do not have to be members of the John H Watson Society to compete. No registration is necessary.  To be considered for  Honors, simply submit answers as per below.
  3. Participants may enter as individuals or as teams of two to five. Participants may not compete as both an individual contestant and a team member, and individual participants and team participants may not confer on their answers.
  4. All requests for clarification of questions shall be either posted on the Quiz Page or sent via email to the Treasure Hunt Master. On August 1st, and for the duration of the Treasure Hunt, a post will be open on the Quiz Page where participants can leave comments requesting clarification, interact with other members, and maintain a dialogue about the Treasure Hunt.
  5. The winners will be determined by two criteria: (1) Number of correct answers, and (2) Time of receipt of the answers to the John H Watson Society by email at Answers may be submitted in a numbered list in the body of the email or in a document attached to the email. Attachment formats should be either .pdf, .doc or .docx; handwritten documents are acceptable when scanned as a .pdf. If submitting a handwritten document, please print clearly. Each submission must include the name(s) of the participant(s), contact email for each participant, and one contact telephone number.
  6. The announcement of the Honors will be posted no later than September 14. A fully documented answer guide to the Treasure Hunt will be posted at the time the winners are announced.
  7. All matters concerning the Treasure Hunt, the contest, the answers, and the determination of the Honors will be the sole decision of the John H Watson Society Directors. The only purpose of the Annual John H. Watson Society Canonical Treasure Hunt is to encourage fun, collegiality, scholarship, and a deeper understanding of the writings of John H Watson, MD.

3 Replies to “Treasure Hunt Rules”

  1. I can’t see any information here about how to register for the Treasure Hunt. Is that necessary?
    We have a team from the Bootmakers of Toronto,.

  2. Hi Peter—contact Carla Buttons via the link on the homepage of this website for information about registering for the Treasure Hunt….she can forward you on to the appropriate members.

    All best and good hunting.

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