The March Meeting of the JHWS: The Great “Watness” Experiment!

On Sunday, March 17, at noon CST, the John H. Watson Society will gather on Zoom to decide the final rounds of “Watson Watness,” a horribly named process to determine what John H. Watson’s best characteristics are. What are his “sweet sixteen” aspects? And of those, what are his “great eight?” Four things he wouldn’t be Watson without?

It’s a bracket style tournament to see just what makes Watson so lovable, and you’ll get to help decide the finals if you can make it to the Zoom. Here’s the link:

Sign up now and you might get to help decide the second preliminary round later this week before the meeting!

2 Replies to “The March Meeting of the JHWS: The Great “Watness” Experiment!”

  1. This was a very funny discussion! I’m a “silent member” listening at home while recovering from Covid and I laughed so hard that it triggered a bout of coughing. Alas, the dogs that came to check on me did not have access to brandy.

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