A Warm Tribute from our Chair to Joanne Yates

Dear Fellow Watsonians:

I am very pleased to see that The Watsonian has had such an enthusiastic reception among its readers. Many people, of course, have contributed to its success. Our “Buttons” has been a tireless cheerleader for the journal and the dozens of authors of the pieces included in the first two issues have borne out the belief that the time has come to turn more critical attention to the role of Dr John H Watson in the creation of Sherlock Holmes saga.

From the outset, my wife Joanne M. Yates has served as The Watsonion’s editor. I think that perhaps no one could have brought more consistent good judgment and taste to the preparation of the first issues of this new magazine destined for its many subscribers.

Anticipating a first issue of at most 80 pages, I was amazed to see that the two numbers of Volume I consisted of 152 and 172 pages, respectively; and the third number, due out this fall, gives promise of extending quite a bit beyond these totals to nearly 250 pages.

From its inception, Joanne has given her level best in establishing and maintaining the quality and readability of our journal, but its gratifying success has understandably required more time and energy than she had expected and she has come to realize that her attention was being drawn away from other previous commitments that she has made, especially that of serving as president of the non-profit 4Paws Learning Wellness Center.

I am sure that her achievements as editor of our magazine’s early issues will stand as a lasting tribute to her talent and devotion to our Society. When I realized that she would not be able to continue in her editorial capacity, she said that she had unhesitatingly devoted all the time necessary to the journal because it was, in a way, a birthday gift bestowed on her husband by Don Libey and other Napa Valley Napoleons back in 2013. She added that the friendships she has formed with so many contributors has been more than ample reward.

I have long received the benefits of her loyalty and dedication, so I am expressing my deep gratitude to her in this way, on our JHWS blog, where all our fellow members can acknowledge her service over the past two years.

With warm regards,

Don Yates “Pal”
The John H Watson Society
The Society joins in Dr Yates’ tribute To Joanne:

All of our Members join in expressing their sincere appreciation to Dr Joanne Yates for her wonderful creation of The Watsonian.  It is entirely due to her talent that the journal has become so well-regarded and appreciated by all of the Members. Thank you!

14 Replies to “A Warm Tribute from our Chair to Joanne Yates”

  1. One of the truly great pleasures of my Sherlockian journey has been the opportunity to have worked with Joanne. She is a true scholar and “a kind and gracious lady”. We can’t praise her enough….

    1. I’m beginning to blush! One of my greatest pleasures was how much I learned from you, and from so many of the other authors, as well. It was a privilege and honor, Willow.

  2. I owe Joanna more than I can express. She gave me encouragement to write some papers. She took time to help me learn how to write papers that people would want to read. I will miss her as an editor and friend. I wish her all the success she so richly deserves..

    1. My dear Chips, you are perhaps the most genuine and honest writers I have ever worked with. That means everything because you write from the heart. I cherish the trust you had in me.

  3. Joanne, we all owe you a great debt for the immense effort you have put into The Watsonian. You have done more than anyone to give this fine journal its form and to make it the success it is. Thank you … now, get some rest!

    1. As they say, there’s no rest for the wicked! Thank you Dash–I loved reading your work, along with that of so many other wonderful Watsonians I “met” via email. Thank you for being part of a fascinating and very satisfying journey.

    1. Ron–you have my email and you are always welcome to write me. Please stay in touch… and that is an invitation to anyone else who cares to! Write on!

  4. Dear Joanne,
    Here is a little anecdote for you. What Ariana Maher brought her article on the BBC production of “The Lion’s Mane” that you published in the 2nd Watsonian, I immediately recognized it as excellent in content and writing. So, I suggested that she send it to you and possible publication in the Watsonian. This recommendation shows you, I hope, how much I was impressed by the first Watsonian, not only for the quality of the articles but also for the formatting of the journal and the most attractive and professional presentation. Just seeing it made me even more proud and happy to be a member than I already was. Kudos to you! And, many good wishes in your continuing efforts to make the Sherlockian world and the world in general better for us all.
    Cheers, “Daisy”

    1. Dear Daisy,
      How gratifying to know that the Watsonian gave you so much pleasure, and that it achieved one of my goals: to bring people together in their celebration of Watson and his famous friendship with Holmes. I cherish your words. Thank you. Joanne

  5. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors, Joanne!

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work! And thank you for the encouragement you sent me when I submitted my essay for the second Volume. It gives me the confidence to work on further essays for The Watsonian.

    Best Wishes!

    1. Dear Ariana,
      It was a pleasure to work with you. You combined a fine sense of words, your love of the Canon and your own experiences to create a memorable essay that will serve as an inspiration to others. Please do keep writing and making it possible for all of us to enjoy Watson (and Holmes) in new ways.


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