Weekly Quiz: 37

RESULTS:  Three Members found the solution to this incredibly difficult bit of arcane Canonical trivia:Michael Ellis “Lobo” was first-in, followed by Denny Dobry “Kirby” and Beth Gallego “Selena” who provided the most complete answer:

Yule is (was) Sir Henry Yule, co-author of Hobson-Jobson: The Definitive Glossary of British India. The other half of the writing team was Arthur Coke Burnell. The glossary contains, among other terms, “Penang lawyer”, the type of walking stick that appears at the beginning of HOUN.

The reference is found as the last entry of the Bibliography of Jack Tracy’s The Encyclopedia Sherlockiana.
Congratulations to the three people in the world who knew this answer!

Buttons is a bit squishy this week with work on the journal.  Have an easy week and see if you can solve this single question:

Half the team was Yule who understood Colonial Indian culture referred to in the Canon.  Who and what? Who was the other half of the team?

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  1. Before reporting on those who have actually solved this quiz, you may find it enormously enlightening that three of our intrepid Members actually know the answer. I would have bet that maybe two people in the entire world would have figured this out! This is REALLY obscure arcania!

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