Kind Review From a Kind Sherlockian Author and Member

Dan Andriacco, JHWS “Dutch” wrote a kind review of the April issue of The Watsonian.  You may wish to read it on his most interesting website:

We appreciate “Dutch’s” comments. You will also find his regular postings to be highly informative and entertaining. His books, as well, are always a fine read.

2 Replies to “Kind Review From a Kind Sherlockian Author and Member”

  1. The latest issue of The Watsonian is an outstanding piece of work, with so many excellent contributions that I cannot do all of them justice in a brief comment. I will say, however, that I enjoyed the article by my friend and colleague Bob Katz — “Watson’s Unspoken Diagnosis” — enough that I chided him gently for not sending it to me for our Saturday Review of Literature. After all, Bob has a second excellent article in this issue of The Watsonian, and surely he could have spread the wealth around a bit! Kudo’s too, to editor Joanne Yates for another fine issue.

    1. My thanks to my old friend Don Pollock for his kind words. Don knows well that my heart is with the good Doctor Watson, explaining the two articles in this issue. Yet, I’ll be honored to prepare something non-Watsonian for Don’s excellent Saturday Review of Literature. And we all agree that the real kudos belong to Joanne for her excellent work.

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