Agatha Christie on Holmes and Watson

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Enjoy. Quite a tribute to our beloved Doctor.



Holmes and Watson as Seen by Agatha Christie

“I must first pay tribute to Conan Doyle, the pioneer of detective writing, with his two great creations Sherlock Holmes and Watson—Watson perhaps the greater creation of the two. Holmes after all has his properties, his violin, his dressing gown, his cocaine, etc., whereas Watson has just himself–lovable, obtuse, faithful, maddening, guaranteed to be always wrong, and perpetually in a state of admiration! How badly we all need a Watson in our lives!”

–Agatha Christie, in her article, “Detective Writers in England”
found in Ask a Policeman; London: Harper, 2013.

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  1. Chips–thanks so much for posting this Christie quote. She could easily have joined our group right away! She says what we all think of the good doctor (except the words about guaranteed to be always wrong). Cheers, Daisy

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