That First Foray

No Sherlockian information recorded for this date so how about a Tid Bit from Jim Coffin to ponder?

Who can forget that first reading of an adventure of Sherlock Holmes
and Dr. Watson? Our first foray from Baker Street, in a fog, a hansom or
a cab dashing for Victoria Station, not worrying about the date of the
story, mother or aunt, one wound or two.

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A Life and a Friend

The Magic That Touches Us All

To All:

A quote from the story that first convinced me of the friendship and partnership of Watson and Holmes. Watson could have said. ‘Forget it,’ and rolled over in the covers and gone back to sleep. But he did not, and thus became one of my best friends who just happens to be fictional.


“Chips” aka Ron

‘Come, Watson, come!’ he cried. ‘The game is afoot. Not a word!  Into your clothes and come!’ 

–Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Abbey Grange


The Bond of Two Friends

“So it was, my dear Watson, that at two o’clock today I found myself in my old armchair in my own old room, and only wishing that I could have seen my old friend Watson in the other chair which he had so often adorned.”

Reading those words remind me of the level of affection Holmes had for Watson. Are there any other quotes that any of you wish to share?


A Quote by Mr Starrett

To All:

A quote you may enjoy. The location is given as number 256 In Ronald De Waal’s massive work, The World Bibliography  of Sherlock Holmes, 1974 edition. The quote is attributed to Vincent Starrett who is addressing the unpublished adventures. As I do not have the Starrett work in my meager collection I would  be grateful to anyone who would kind enough to look it up and let me know the details of the listing.

“Fragments of mystery exist completely in memory or anticipation like tales read long ago and years forgotten– their outlines blur and waver just beyond the edge of thought. It is part of Watson’s magic that some of those lost adventures, never set down in print, seem to inhabit the chambers of the mind as memorably as those 60 others that made up the saga.”

I freely admit the emphasis on the Watson’s Magic is my mine own editing.



Agatha Christie on Holmes and Watson

To All:

Enjoy. Quite a tribute to our beloved Doctor.



Holmes and Watson as Seen by Agatha Christie

“I must first pay tribute to Conan Doyle, the pioneer of detective writing, with his two great creations Sherlock Holmes and Watson—Watson perhaps the greater creation of the two. Holmes after all has his properties, his violin, his dressing gown, his cocaine, etc., whereas Watson has just himself–lovable, obtuse, faithful, maddening, guaranteed to be always wrong, and perpetually in a state of admiration! How badly we all need a Watson in our lives!”

–Agatha Christie, in her article, “Detective Writers in England”
found in Ask a Policeman; London: Harper, 2013.

A Long Evening With Holmes

To all:

Here is a ode to Holmes and Watson that expresses so much of Baker street for me and I hope for you too. The last stanza is so beautifully an expression of my feelings:

The Adventure is solved, Holmes makes it all right
So back to the lodgings by dawn’s early light
And a breakfast by Hudson to wind up the night
When I spend a long evening with Holmes.
So the modern rat race can’t keep me in a cage
I have a passport to a far better age
As close as my bookcase, as near as a page
I can spend a long evening with Holmes.

Ah, if it could only be so.

–William B. Schweickert’s “A Long Evening with Holmes”.