That First Foray

No Sherlockian information recorded for this date so how about a Tid Bit from Jim Coffin to ponder?

Who can forget that first reading of an adventure of Sherlock Holmes
and Dr. Watson? Our first foray from Baker Street, in a fog, a hansom or
a cab dashing for Victoria Station, not worrying about the date of the
story, mother or aunt, one wound or two.

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One Reply to “That First Foray”

  1. Yes! For me, it was when I decided to sit down and finally read the entire 60 all the way through for the first time. I had come to the canon via Granada’s Brett, had read some of the adventures, had been reading some of the posts on Welcome Holmes and had recently received a copy of Klinger’s complete annotated. That first read of STUD just swept me away.

    Thanks, Chips, for posting this.

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