Quiet in the Consulting Rooms

It’s been quiet for a while here on the Society blog. With so much going on in the United States and in the world, many of us have found our focus has not been as much on Sherlockiana/Watsoniana as it was perhaps a few weeks ago.

Elsewhere on this site, we say that the John H. Watson Society seeks a level of equality in scholarship and enthusiasm for the life and work of John H. Watson, M. D. We are an open and inclusive Society, seeking the collegiality and conviviality of Members worldwide and at all stages of involvement in Watsonian, Sherlockian and Holmesian interests. Mostly, we are about having fun.

I am proud to be a part of an international Society that celebrates the best friend one could hope to have. In that spirit, I hope this site gives a place to be among friends for good conversation and companionship.

Tomorrow, we will have an interview with Chris Redmond, JHWS “Buster”, editor of the new book, About Sixty: Why Every Sherlock Holmes Story is the Best. In the comments, for this week’s discussion, please share your favorite story and why.

2 Replies to “Quiet in the Consulting Rooms”

  1. My all time favorite is The Six Napoleons, I think because of the strong element of whimsy in it. I think it is also effective in being a story about a secondary crime that points back to a larger crime, which is an effective and compelling story structure. However, my current desert island story would be The Sign of Four. It is both a tale of deduction and adventure and has elements of the absurd, grotesque, and romantic.

  2. If reading About Sixty has taught me anything, it is that I simply can’t choose. I’m hoping my desert island stranding would include the full collection. If really hard pressed, my default answer would be CHAS, which I always want to call MILV instead.

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