Dr Watson’s Quotes Quiz

Results:  This week we had successes by: Melissa Anderson “Faith;” Beth Gallego, Loyal Member; and Elinor Gray “Misty.”  Our team success was submitted by the stalwarts: Margie Deck “Gwen” and Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy.”  Well done! Answers are below.

This week’s quiz is about quotes by Dr Watson. Please fill in the blanks and cite the book or story in which the quote is found.  Please email submissions to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com by 7 pm ET, Wednesday, 11 June.

file_download.pngDownload Week 23 Questions and Answers.

2 Replies to “Dr Watson’s Quotes Quiz”

  1. Quite a quiz, Buttons. For just five questions, you really packed a punch to Margie’s and my ingenuity and persistence.
    In addition to the highly interesting and creative quizzes, you give us a lot of fun and further connection to the ever-fascinating Sherlockian world. Cheers and thanks, Daisy

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