Weekly Forum: #31

JHWS “Gwen” read a review of Mr. Holmes in The New Yorker (July 20 issue). The film is reviewed by Richard Brody. The writer made two statements that Gwen wishes to discuss – the first one we discussed last week and the second one is this week.

Since this discusses the movie Mr. Holmes, I’ll but this under a Continue Reading link for those of you who do not wish stumble upon any spoilers.

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Weekly Forum: #30

JHWS “Gwen” read a review of Mr. Holmes in The New Yorker (July 20 issue). The film is reviewed by Richard Brody. The writer made two statements that Gwen wishes to discuss – the first one will be this week’s discussion and the second one will be next week’s.

Since this discusses the movie Mr. Holmes, I’ll but this under a Read More link for those of you who do not wish stumble upon any spoilers.

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Weekly Quiz 2014: 30



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Results:  Elinor Gray “Misty” was first in and takes the honours for the week.  The SOB team of Ariana Maher “Carla,” Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy,” and Margie Deck “Gwen,” triumphed again, adding more to the knowledge of the topic.

Buttons had selected the one reference in the Canon to ‘shotgun’ that is NOT listed in any of the usual references, concordances, encyclopedias, or other word compendiums usually consulted. It was “truncated flowling piece” (a sawed-off shotgun) found in VALL.  This shows once again that Goodrich, Tracy, Baring-Gould and Klinger missed a few now and then.  Answers are above.

This week’s quiz is short, but somewhat difficult.  Have fun!


A Doctor Watson With a Twist, Please

Weekly Quiz 2014: 29
Results:  Our Seattle SOB Team of Margie Deck “Gwen,” Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy,” Ariana Maher “Carla,” and Melissa Anderson “Faith” were the sole honor-takers this week. Congratulations! Answers are below.Seven days to the Treasure Hunt!

This week’s quiz is random but with a few twists. Please submit your solution to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com by 4 pm 23 July 2014.

And, remember:  The Treasure Hunt begins in 13 days!

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Weekly Quiz 2014: 28   Minor Characters of the Canon

RESULTS: The results this week have honours going to Ron Lies, “Chips” for being first in with 10/10 correct answers. Congratulations “Chips”!

Beth Gallego “Selena” also hounoured with a 10/10, as did James O’Leary “Pippin.” Congratulations to these Quiz Masters!

The team entry, as always, was ably mastered by Airiana Maher “Carla,” Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy,” and Margie Deck, “Gwen” of the Seattle SOBs. Congratulations to this trio also!

The answers are posted below. A number of alternative answers were provided by the Masters and, as it always does, this enriched the quiz experience.

This week’s quiz is about the minor characters of the Canon. Please submit solutions to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com by 7 pm Wednesday, 16 July 2014.


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After this week, a Brief Hiatus

Weekly Quiz 2014: 26

Results:  Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” and Margie Deck “Gwen” are the only Members to get this one correct. It was obscure, having been written about nearly 40 years ago.  “Daisy” even came up with an earlier usage of the “Divine Miss A” in the literature. Astounding work!  Answer is below.  See you in another week!

This week’s quiz is another small taste of the Treasure Hunt coming up 1 August.  Please submit the solution to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com by 4 pm Wednesday, 2 July 2014.

With the upcoming holiday and the general summer slow down, we will skip a week and resume the quiz on 11 July 2014.

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Mycroft: Did He Pass Away?

Margie Deck “Gwen” from Seattle’s Sound of the Baskervilles and one of our most active Members has sent along a very interesting question.  She refers to the Sherlock Peoria blog and a posting that ask whether Mycroft might have passed away when “The Dying Detective” was written.  Here is the link:


Margie wonders whether anyone would like to reason a response to this question. The premise of the theory is that if Holmes was dying Watson surely would have notified Mycroft, yet no mention of Mycroft is made.

Thoughts? Can you support or refute the position?

The Summer Solstice Quiz!

Weekly Quiz 2014: 25

Results:  You all got this quiz in one!  Submissions were received within hours. Congratulations to Elinor Gray “Misty,” Beth Gallego “Selena,” Melissa Anderson “Faith,” and our team of Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” and Margie Deck “Gwen” for their successes.  Must have been the Solstice!  Answers are below.

In celebration of the Summer Solstice tomorrow, we have this week’s quiz to delight you. Illuminations and solutions may be sent to Arthur Uther Pendragon via the usual mail: buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com

Come to think of it . . . I fail to recall the mention of the Summer Solstice–or any solstice–in the Canon. We have equinoctial gales, but no solstice. No Druids either.

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Digital Edition of the Society’s Journal Now Available

A number of you– including Don Pollock “Hound” and Bob Katz “Willow”–have previously suggested that the Society consider a digital edition of The Watsonian, as well as the print edition.  Buttons was undecided and did not wish to slight or endanger our superb print edition.

Now, through the logic and reasoned persuasion offered by Margie Deck “Gwen,” the following one-year test is being conducted:

The Society will make a digital edition of the entire 178 page April 2014 journal available to members and non-members, as an elective purchase. Both extra print copies and digital copies will be priced at $10.00 per copy (the same cost as the two-year subscription for members). Orders for extra print copies will be  sent postage-paid; orders for digital copies will be downloaded to your email address. It should be noted that print copies are limited and may not be available. We print only 200 to 250 copies each issue, and they go fast!  If we are out of print on an issue, at least you can now have the Pdf digital edition.

This is not a change to your subscription as a member of the Society. You will continue to receive the print edition twice a year. This is only for those of you who wish extra copies or for non-members who would like to have the journal or have a digital copy for their libraries.

As the cost at $10.00 for either print or digital is the same as the Member cost, we believe we will not lose members and, in fact, when digital buyers see the advantage of paying $40 for two-years and four journals, they may as well join the Society and become active participants in the fastest growing Watsonian organization in the world! Plus, we believe the Society may benefit by selling a fair number of digital editions to non-members and, thereby, lowering our print production costs and ensuring the financial stability of our wonderful print journal for the years to come.

The print and digital editions of The Watsonian are available for purchase on the Society Publications page.  Choose the Buy Now button and scroll down to select the version desired. You will be taken to PayPal where you may choose cash payment or credit card, as you wish.  If you purchase the digital edition, the Society will be notified of your payment and will email you the digital copy of the journal within two days (most  are sent the same day and, in fact, often within an hour or two).

So, thank you Margie Deck “Gwen” for your very helpful analysis and for persuading the Society to open up access to our fine journal to Sherlockians and Watsonians worldwide. And thank you to others who have made very helpful suggestions recently regarding the journal and the production costs associated with a print publication.  We appreciate all of your thoughts and take them very seriously. We are all about inclusiveness and access to our Society by as many enthusiasts as care to be involved. This is a wonderful step forward for our goal of honouring Doctor Watson for his many excellent qualities and values and for his immortal talent as a writer.  Insperata Floruit.

“Can there be anything lovelier than a tree . . .?”

Weekly Quiz 2014:  24

Results:  The review of submissions for this week’s quiz reveals very fine research being done by a number of our Members. This quiz was subtle: there is more than one answer depending on interpretations.  Our Members found all of the standard solutions, but also found many more alternative solutions that are as correct as those found in the usual reference works on the Canon.  This was pure textual research and all of it was first rate!  For the first time, we see a spotlight on new analyses and scholarship concerning the Canonical flora. Congratulations to Beth Gallego “tbn,” Melissa Anderson “Faith,” and our team of Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” and Margie Deck “Gwen” for their superb research skills.Buttons has to believe that there is a wonderfully enlightening monograph somewhere in this quiz. Perhaps something like: “Sunlight and Shade: On the Various Canonical Trees and Bushes.”  Maybe our intrepid researchers and Quiz Masters will collaborate!

The answers are below, albeit not the definitive answers.

We look at Trees in the Canon for this week’s quiz.  Please submit your answers by 7 pm EDT Wednesday, 18 June 2014 to:  buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com


file_download.pngDownload Week 24 Questions and Answers

Dr Watson’s Quotes Quiz

Results:  This week we had successes by: Melissa Anderson “Faith;” Beth Gallego, Loyal Member; and Elinor Gray “Misty.”  Our team success was submitted by the stalwarts: Margie Deck “Gwen” and Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy.”  Well done! Answers are below.

This week’s quiz is about quotes by Dr Watson. Please fill in the blanks and cite the book or story in which the quote is found.  Please email submissions to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com by 7 pm ET, Wednesday, 11 June.

file_download.pngDownload Week 23 Questions and Answers.

Early Today due to Guests Arriving

Weekly Quiz 2014: 22

RESULTS: Cheers to Melissa Anderson “Faith,” and our team members Airy Maher, Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” and Margie Deck “Gwen” on this week’s solution. All were perfect and several alternative answers were discovered. Answers below.

This week’s quiz is about Canonical small things: physically and philosophically.  Good Luck!

Please submit solutions by 12 noon on Wednesday, 4 June 2014 to: buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com

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Weekly Quiz 2014: 21

Results:  Melissa Anderson “Faith,” Denny Dobry “Kirby,” Elinor Gray “Misty,” and our team of Margie Deck “Gwen,” Airy Maher LM, and Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” all had perfect scores on this week’s quiz. Melissa was, once again, in first in a matter of hours after the quiz was posted.  Congratulations Quiz Masters!  Answers below.

This week’s quiz is about water. Please submit solutions by 7 pm Wednesday, 28 May 2014 to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com.

file_download.png Download Week 21 Questions and Answers.

Diabolical Quiz This Week

RESULTS:  We have some VERY talented Quiz Masters!  Within hours, Melissa Anderson “Faith” submitted a perfect 30/30 and Elinor Gray “Misty” was in next with 27/30 for this most obscure quiz.  Team honours go to Airy Maher, Loyal Member,  Margie Deck “Gwen” and Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” with a perfect 30/30.  Well done!  Answers below.

Here it is . . . the wicked one!  Good Luck.  Submissions by noon Wednesday please.

file_download.png Download Week 20 Questions and Answers.

Weekly Quiz 2014 – 19

RESULTS:  First in and 10/10 was Melissa Anderson “Faith” with Elinor Gray close and second in.  Team honours continue with Margie Deck “Gwen” and Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” with 10/10.  Well Done! Answers below.

This week’s quiz is a Study in Absence of Colour

Please submit solutions to these questions by 7 pm Wednesday, 14 May 2014 to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com

Download Week 19 Questions and Answers.

Weekly Quiz: 2014-18

RESULTS:  You are all SO good at this!  First in again was Melissa Anderson “Faith” from Peoria with 20/20 and a couple of alternative answers that expand the horizons.  Perfection also from Denny Dobry “Kirby” and our Team members from Seattle, Margie Deck “Gwen,”  Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy,” and Airy Maher, Loyal Member.  Ever so close were Elinor Gray “Misty” and Michele Lopez “Reggie.”

Buttons is behind his time!  Too many patients to see the Doctor. Sorry. Please submit solutions by 7pm Wednesday, May 7, 2014.

This week’s quiz is about dates. It’s a tough one!  Good Luck!

file_download.pngDownload Week 18 Questions and Answers.

Weekly Quiz 2014: 17

RESULTS:  Melissa Anderson “Faith” was first in and 25/25.  Elinor Hickey “Misty” was spot-on. Denny Dobry “Kirby” was very competitive again. Michele Lopez “Reggie” was also spot-on.  The team honours, once again, go to Margie Deck “Gwen,” Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy,” and Airy Maher, Loyal Member, of Seattle’s SOBs. This was a difficult quiz and several of our “intrepid” Quiz Masters commented on the difficulty. You all did well.  Answers are below.

What is the address?  That is your quiz for this week. Fifteen difficult and challenging questions about Canonical addresses and their identification.

Please submit your solutions by 7 pm Eastern Wednesday, 30 April 2014 to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com.

file_download.pngDownload Week 17 Questions and Answers.

Weekly Quiz 2014: 16

A quiz on Canonical tools.  Please submit by 7 pm Eastern on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com

RESULTS: Once again, you are good!  Quiz solutions were all 10/10 and received in this order:  Individuals: Melissa Anderson “Faith;” Denny Dobry “Kirby;” Elinor Gray “Misty;” and Michele Lopez “Reggie.”  Team: Margie Deck “Gwen;” Shiela Holtgrieve “Daisy” and Airy Maher, Loyal Member.

Congratulations to all and especially for finding the many alternative answers that you uncovered.  Great work!  Answers are below.

file_download.pngDownload Week 16 Questions and Answers.

Weekly Quiz 2104: 15

This week’s quiz focuses on words. Describe the word as used and cite the story in which it is found. There may be several answers to each; one is sufficient. Honours will go to those who receive 25/25.

RESULTS: Excellent results this week with Elinor Gray “Misty” returning to take honours with 20/20 + 5 = 25 points and perfect answers plus numerous alternatives.  Also, Denny Dobry “Kirby” with 25 points and numerous alternatives in another of his usual thorough submissions. Team honours go to Margie Deck “Gwen” and Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” with perfect results, as always.  Well Done ALL!  Answers below.

Download Questions and Answers

Weekly Quiz:  2014: 14


The SOBs do it again! Our members of Team SOBs in Seattle have cracked the quiz for another perfect 25/25!  Margie Deck “Gwen,”  Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy,” and Airy Maher, Loyal Member returned a ‘spot on’ quiz for the week’s honours. Known as “The Invincibles” here at Quiz Central, we are inspired by their thorough scholarship and uncanny research capacity. Congratulations again!

Coming in close was our illustrious member from Italy, Michele Lopez, president of Uno Studio in Holmes, the Italian scion society. Michele submitted a few blanks, but added several new twists to the existing answers.  Well Done!

Answers are posted below.

Buttons has been fielding some lightweight quizzes recently owing to the activities involved in the relocation of the good Doctor’s offices . . . .  Now, it is time to get back to form since he has ample time to sit on his stool and contemplate the great mysteries whilst having a few pints and pies.

This week he turns to the Canon through the eyes of those who offer the “details behind the manuscript.” Each of the 20 questions concern details about Canonical facts.

Submissions may be made to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com up to 7 pm Eastern on Wednesday, 9 April 2014.  Good luck!
file_download.pngDownload Week 14 Questions and Answers.