A Doctor Watson With a Twist, Please

Weekly Quiz 2014: 29
Results:  Our Seattle SOB Team of Margie Deck “Gwen,” Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy,” Ariana Maher “Carla,” and Melissa Anderson “Faith” were the sole honor-takers this week. Congratulations! Answers are below.Seven days to the Treasure Hunt!

This week’s quiz is random but with a few twists. Please submit your solution to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com by 4 pm 23 July 2014.

And, remember:  The Treasure Hunt begins in 13 days!

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One Reply to “A Doctor Watson With a Twist, Please”

  1. Question #4 was the most challenging one for me. I was quite baffled by it! Some time after I finally figured out the correct answer, I realized the big clue to the correct answer was in the quiz title!

    What a twist!

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