Weekly Quiz:  2014: 14


The SOBs do it again! Our members of Team SOBs in Seattle have cracked the quiz for another perfect 25/25!  Margie Deck “Gwen,”  Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy,” and Airy Maher, Loyal Member returned a ‘spot on’ quiz for the week’s honours. Known as “The Invincibles” here at Quiz Central, we are inspired by their thorough scholarship and uncanny research capacity. Congratulations again!

Coming in close was our illustrious member from Italy, Michele Lopez, president of Uno Studio in Holmes, the Italian scion society. Michele submitted a few blanks, but added several new twists to the existing answers.  Well Done!

Answers are posted below.

Buttons has been fielding some lightweight quizzes recently owing to the activities involved in the relocation of the good Doctor’s offices . . . .  Now, it is time to get back to form since he has ample time to sit on his stool and contemplate the great mysteries whilst having a few pints and pies.

This week he turns to the Canon through the eyes of those who offer the “details behind the manuscript.” Each of the 20 questions concern details about Canonical facts.

Submissions may be made to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com up to 7 pm Eastern on Wednesday, 9 April 2014.  Good luck!
file_download.pngDownload Week 14 Questions and Answers.

4 Replies to “Weekly Quiz:  2014: 14”

  1. I was totally wrong on Viscount Howe, with my mention of Howe Street from REDC. Well, that proves once more the truth of Holmes’s words from the same story: “Education never ends, Watson.”

    1. Hello, Michele,
      Daisy here. I was thinking, how would I do if our quizzes were in Italian?? Or is your primary language English? Any, welcome to the weekly quizzers club. Are you going to do the treasure hunt?
      Kudos to you for your scholarship.

      1. Dear Daisy,
        Thanks for your welcome! No, English is not my primary language, but I’ve started studying it since I was 11, and that’s quite some time ago… I like quizzes, and I find the wonderful questions of our “Buttons” are a great way to stimulate Canonical research.
        Kudos to you and your perfect scores! 🙂

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