3 Replies to “Who Had This Sign and Where?”

  1. The sign was posted outside the home of John Bennett Shaw
    1917 Ft Union Dr, Santa Fe New Mexico., John was the greatest private collector of Sherlockian items in the United States. He maintained a international correspondence and was known as Big Brother for his work in the field of Sherlockiania. My description of John Bennett Shaw is so brief it does not do him justice.He was exceptional Sherlockian and one who I was proud to know and who called me friend. If you would like to know more about John just contact me and I would be glad to share more..

    1. Shaw was my guess based on the house looking like it might be in New Mexico. Should have gone with it. I have heard some lovely stories of Shaw; I’m sorry I never got to know him.

      1. Beth, You would have been right again. You were also the one who answered my question on The Howdy Doody figure. Thanks for playing my game.
        John Bennett was the most down to earth man. He was so gracious to anyone who dropped by.

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