A New Phonebook Moment!

A few days ago, some very special parcels started making their way to the mailboxes of JHWS members, and Greg Ruby, “Robin”, wrote from Maryland yesterday to say:

Hello all!

I am pleased to report that The Watsonian plus two other pamphlets arrived in today’s post.

The video in the attached link mimics my reaction at the mailbox –

Hope everyone has a great day.

Greg aka Robin

As that movie just happened to be a favourite of our dear Buttons, that clip is extremely apropos.

We on the West Coast tend to get everything a few days after folks out East, so I’m still eagerly waiting!

5 Replies to “A New Phonebook Moment!”

  1. Mine came, too! What a wonderful present! Thanks to all who helped get it out under difficult circumstances!

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to find my package arriving so soon in Arizona. My expectations were high, based on the earlier post announcing the contents. My high expectations were exceeded easily when I examined the volumes. I wish to thank Asta for the generous gift. Thank you to all who made the publication and distribution possible. The quality of the materials and the type is excellent. Thank you to all the authors who shared their time, talent, and knowledge. Their writings will provide many hours of delight and education. Job very well done!!

  3. Just started reading, but there’s so much really good stuff there, I’m more like savoring.

    A virtual toast to those who contributed and put the volume together! We’re all in your debt.

  4. My Watsonian parcel arrived today. I reacted as in the film clip. 🙂

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