A New Phonebook Moment!

A few days ago, some very special parcels started making their way to the mailboxes of JHWS members, and Greg Ruby, “Robin”, wrote from Maryland yesterday to say:

Hello all!

I am pleased to report that The Watsonian plus two other pamphlets arrived in today’s post.

The video in the attached link mimics my reaction at the mailbox –

Hope everyone has a great day.

Greg aka Robin

As that movie just happened to be a favourite of our dear Buttons, that clip is extremely apropos.

We on the West Coast tend to get everything a few days after folks out East, so I’m still eagerly waiting!

The Fourth Garrideb Formed

Greg Ruby “Robin” of The John H Watson Society announces the formation of The Fourth Garrideb:

The Fourth Garrideb was formed on August 9, 2014 during the World’s Fair of Money in Chicago with 7 founding charter members “of the finest period.” TFG is a group of Sherlockian coin collectors and numismatists who are looking to document the 175+ numismatic items featuring Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Arthur Conan Doyle and related items. In addition, we look for numismatic references within the Canon and related stories.

TFG posts irregularly (60 posts to date since our formation) about Canonical and Conanical numismatics at www.FourthGarrideb.com. TFG has the motto of “Numismatists Do Not Fear Change.” TFG was recognized as a scion of the Baker Street Irregulars in September and is also a member club of the American Numismatic Association.

Lifetime memberships are available for $22.10, with details at fourthgarrideb.com/join-us. Those joining now will be considered charter members “of the Alexandrian School,” while those joining after the charter period will be considered as “the rest of a bad lot.” Members receive email notifications of when new posts are published, a membership certificate and a Garrideb dekadrachm (which we do not recommend polishing as Nathan Garrideb was doing).

TFG will be mainly a virtual society, but hopes to have meetings with other Sherlockian societies in conjunction with major coin shows around the country. Tentative arrangements are being made for 2015 in Portland, Oregon and Chicago for the spring and summer conventions of the American Numismatic Association.

Member of The John H Watson Society are encouraged to explore this interesting new group at their website.