October Journal Has Mailed

The October issue of The Watsonian is in the mail. You should receive it soon. Let us know what you think.  Thanks.

The Editorial Team

16 Replies to “October Journal Has Mailed”

  1. I love the articles! They make for such a fascinating and in-depth read. I also especially enjoyed “Gwen’s” incredibly challenging quiz and “Misty’s” fantastic Sherlockian story with the bees. Fantastic work!

  2. The Watsonian arrived today — I had time only for a quick peruse, but clearly it’s beautifully done and the articles are inviting. I was pleased to see several contributions from my friend Willow (with whom I will have the pleasure of dining on Thursday), and will look forward to a serious cover-to-cover read. Congratulations to everyone on an exceptional third issue.

    1. Thanks to “Hound” for his gracious comments….and I think I speak for the Editorial Team when I hope that the fourth issue will have an article from the erudite pen of my friend “Hound”.

  3. You have yours! I’m so jealous! Mine’s not here yet. Maybe tomorrow. *drumming fingers on the table impatiently*

  4. Just received it today and it looks wonderful! Absolutely thrilled and honored to appear in it.

  5. I was sure the issue would arrive today, but—no. So, I lit the fire anyway even without it. Maybe tomorrow?
    Happy Halloween to all Watsonians. I am going as a witch in my grand twins’ parade through the NOAA offices here in Seattle. Fun!!

  6. I am no longer drumming my fingers but thumbing pages.

    The first impression when you slip the journal out of the package is WOW! The front cover is excellent. I think that the oval presentation and muted background works well. The illustrations are a delight, and the list of titles is amazing. Kudos to the Editorial Team and heartfelt gratitude to the authors who contributed time, talent, and knowledge for the delight of the rest of us.

  7. I absolutely love the design and layout of the latest Watsonian. It has a beautiful yet sedate and dignified cover. I love the square spine. To me that signifies class in a periodical. The easy on the eyes typeface within is a really big plus.

    I’ve only read one article (not mine), but they all appear quite original judging by the titles. These three incunabular issues announce “We’re here, world! Time to pay attention to us—or better yet—join our little army.”

    A big thank you to all the usual suspects who labored to produce this little beauty.

    A smart Fifth Northumberland Fusilier salute!
    Alexian Gregory “Darwin”

  8. My copy arrived yesterday (West Coast Delay clearly applies to print material as well as television), and it’s beautiful.

  9. Congratulations all–a job well done indeed. Thank you for carrying on so brilliantly. Kind regards, Sandy

    1. Thank you so much, both for your kind words and for all of your hard work. Best wishes, “Carla”

  10. And thanks to Sandy for getting The Watsonian off to such a fine start. We were able to build upon a sound foundation….

  11. The Watsonian arrived today in the far, far away European lands. Just in time for the Christmas holidays!

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