Call For Papers

The Society is accepting papers, articles, fiction, humor, and miscellanea for the April 2015 issue ofThe Watsonian. Unlike most journals, we do not have a backlog of submissions and we will have space in the forthcoming journal for material submitted by February 15, 2015.

Submission guidelines are found in the current issue. We would remind authors that we prefer all articles to use endnotes rather than footnotes at the bottom of the pages.  Footnotes are pre-formatted by Word and we have to remove them prior to creating the final printing files. Plus, endnotes are much easier for the author, the editors, and the designer. Please do not use super-script numerals in the text; rather, please use regular numerals in brackets in this style at the point of an endnote in the text:  This signifies an endnote [1], [2], [3], etc.

Members will receive the first of our new publication, The Fiction Series, with their copy of the April 2015 issue of the journal. It is a longish short story titled The Duke’s Study by Luca Sartori “Victor,” a Member and a student at the University of Urbino in Italy.

The Society especially encourages first-time writers. One does not need to be a “scholar” or an “expert.” These are terms that have little relevance in a Society like ours where everyone’s thoughts and efforts are welcome, whether in print or online.

Writers need not be concerned about the editing experience; we are kind and helpful, and we attempt not to make it difficult or tedious. We exist as a Society to have fun and our journal has the same purpose.  Please give some thought to writing about that topic in the Canon you have always thought about and send us your submission.

Send all submissions to Buttons:

2 Replies to “Call For Papers”

  1. Footnote message received and duly noted! Sorry for any past inconveniences. Would use a Baskerville font as requested but my program does not have one. Now to the writing.

    1. No worries. It’s InDesign’s fault for the most part – the program’s footnote creation system isn’t as nice as I would like it to be.

      And actually, although the submission guidelines said Baskerville, the current design of the book uses Arno Pro at 12pt font, if you want to have a better idea of how it will appear in the end. I couldn’t use Baskerville for the latest volume because my program only had the basic version of that font.

      In any case, there’s nothing much to worry about when it comes to the final product. Buttons and I will sort it all out as best we can when it gets to that stage. Just have fun writing and, if possible, encourage friends to submit as well. ^_^

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