Deadline for October Journal Submissions Nearing

We are fast approaching 15 August, the deadline for submissions for the October issue of The Watsonian. We encourage all Members and non-members who wish to have an article or paper considered for publication to send their manuscript to the editor, Dr Joanne Yates .

As always, we are interested in student papers and articles and ask that Members try to encourage and guide a student in the valuable skills of research and writing. Perhaps nothing is more significant to the future of our hobby and the development of their skills.

The Society is also delighted that at least two papers are in the works as a result of the new Weekly Forum topics. Both are joint-efforts as a result of the blog threads from the lively discussions. This is unique and may be an historic event in Sherlockian/Watsonian experience as these may be the first papers ever published from blog posts.

There is always room for your research, thoughts, ideas and creativity. The Society is an inclusive group; we desire interested Watsonians to take part and to approach the Society with innovative projects. Whether you are a first time author is not important; that you try is what counts.

It is sometimes helpful to reflect that, if Doctor Watson had not sat down and written A Study in Scarlet, we would not have his priceless legacy nor would we have discovered Mr Holmes. And, John Watson was not a writer, he was a half-pay former medical officer with few prospects. There are, in all of us, hidden talents and abilities waiting to be  explored and fulfilled. Go for it!

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