Membership Renewals for 2018

Renewal notices have been going out in email for memberships that expired at the end of December. If your membership has expired, though, you don’t have to wait for the email; you can head over to the shop to purchase a Membership for 2018.

Not sure when your membership expires? Take a peek at our Members Page! If it says you are a member through 12/17, it’s time to renew. (If it’s any other date, it’s not time yet. Memberships ending 6/18 will be notified about how to renew through the end of 2019 later in the year.) While you’re there, if you notice our information for you is incorrect or incomplete, please let me know!

2 Replies to “Membership Renewals for 2018”

    1. Hiya Roxie!

      Since we have ASH investitures and BSI investitures as their own columns, I didn’t put ASH (or BSI) in the Society listings in the last column. Looking at the page, though, I can see that as you scroll down, you lose the headings. :/ I’ll look into a better display solution!

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