The John H Watson Society

  • Current Boy in Buttons and Webmistress: Beth Gallego, “Selena Buttons”
  • Boswell: Courtney Powers, “Destiny”
  • Carter, the Treasurer: Tonya Spratt-Williams, “Mallory”
  • TidBits Columnist: Ron Lies, “Chips”
  • Treasure Hunt Masters: Brad Keefauver, “Calder” and Paul Thomas Miller, “Buck”
  • Original Boy in Buttons, Founder: *Don Libey, “Buttons”

Watsonian Editorial Team

  • Brad Keefauver, “Calder”, Editor-in-Chief
  • Elinor Gray, “Misty”, Associate Editor
  • Mary Alcaro, “Amelia”, Associate Editor
  • Elise Elliot, “Lucy”, Associate Editor
  • Rowan MacBean, “Echo”, Associate Editor
  • James McArthur, “Max”, Associate Editor
  • Robert Perret, “Sampson”, Associate Editor
  • Jen Snyder, “Sydney”, Associate Editor
  • Stephan Arthur, “Dalton”, Proofreader
  • Ariana Maher, “Carla”, Layouts


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Founding Monikered Members and Directors

  • Founding Chair: *Donald A. Yates, PhD, JHWS “Pal”
  • Founding Director of Membership and Administration: Andrea Stewart, JHWS “Asta”
  • Original Boy in Buttons, Founding Associate Editor & Publisher: *Don Libey, JHWS “Buttons”

Founding Directors-at-Large

  • Howard A. Brody, MD, PhD, JHWS “Caddy”
  • Jon Lellenberg, JHWS “Towser”
  • Donald Pollock, PhD, MD, TFOP, JHWS “Hound”
  • Nicholas Utechin, JHWS “Rex”
  • Joanne Yates, PhD., JHWS “Sandy”

Honourary Emeritus Monikered Members

(* Beyond The Terrace)

  • *Don Libey, JHWS “Buttons”
    John H Watson Society Founder, Original Boy in Buttons
  • *Donald A. Yates, PhD, JHWS “Pal”
    John H Watson Society Founding Chair
    BSI “The Greek Interpreter”
  • *Vincent Brosnan, JHWS “Beeton”
    BSI “That Gap on That Second Shelf”
  • *George Grumbles, JHWS “Arthur”
  • *Sheila Holtgrieve, JHWS “Daisy”
  • -2020
  • *Peter H Jacoby JD, JHWS “Beller”
  • *Thomas Leahy, JHWS “Travis”
  • *Col. Ted Schultz, JHWS “Captain”
    BSI “The Amateur Mendicant Society”

Offices of The Society

(It’s always 1895; there are no telephones, yet)