“As We Go To Press”…

The Spring Watsonian is in the final editing stages and will soon be headed to the printer. As physical copies are mailed directly from the printer, that means this is the time to make sure that you will be on the list!

Please check your membership ending date on our Member Roster. If it was 12/18, and you wish to continue your membership (and we certainly hope you do!) and receive the Spring Watsonian upon publication, please renew your membership before the 15th of March in the Shop: Society Membership.

Our opportunity drawing for two lucky members to win tickets to the Left Coast Sherlockian Symposium will also close to entries on March 15th, so don’t forget to complete the form if you want to enter.

As ever, if you have any questions or run into any difficulties, please contact Selena Buttons.

Membership Renewals for 2018

Renewal notices have been going out in email for memberships that expired at the end of December. If your membership has expired, though, you don’t have to wait for the email; you can head over to the shop to purchase a Membership for 2018.

Not sure when your membership expires? Take a peek at our Members Page! If it says you are a member through 12/17, it’s time to renew. (If it’s any other date, it’s not time yet. Memberships ending 6/18 will be notified about how to renew through the end of 2019 later in the year.) While you’re there, if you notice our information for you is incorrect or incomplete, please let me know!

Membership Renewals

I know, I know, it’s the dreaded “have you renewed?” post isn’t it?

Even if I can’t manage to keep this brief, I’ll try to keep this simple:

If you have renewed your membership to the John H Watson Society, ignore this post. We are on track with our work, so you should expect to see fresh new JHWS publications in your mailbox near the end of October.

If you became a member after January 2014 (like me!), fear not: you do not need to renew yet and you’ll hear from us at a future date when it is time for you to renew. So ignore this post, kick back, and relax.

If you joined before January 2014 and you have not renewed: please consider renewing your membership with us.

We’ve got a lovely new pastiche by our fellow member Blythe called “The Limehouse Lucifer” that you would not want to miss out on. We’ve also got the very first volume to be composed by our Editor-in-Chief Pippin, who you know well from his recent monograph on Dr Watson’s early writings.

Just to give you a tease: Our upcoming volume of the Watsonian will have some fantastic new features, such as “Billiards With Thurston” and “Roxie’s Canonical Ramblings”, as well as familiar ongoing works such as “The Great Hiatus – Part III”, a new “Watsonian Wit”, and a unique pawky puzzle from the Pawky Puzzler herself. The special section dedicated to Holmes and Watson on Stage and Screen is in itself more than worth the price of admission!

So please consider renewing your membership over this weekend. We Watsonians wish to continue to create new material for you to enjoy.

If you do not renew by this coming Monday, October 5, 2015, then we shall respectfully retire your name from the membership roster in the printing of this upcoming volume and you will not receive the latest publications coming out later this month.

If you decide at a later date to renew your membership, we will be delighted to have you rejoin us. However, please keep in mind that there could be a delay in sending the Watsonian and the Fiction Series to you if the pre-arranged addresses from current members need to receive their books first. Also, your name will return to the published roster in the next Watsonian to go to print after the time you’ve renewed your membership.

If you are not certain if you need to renew or not, or if you have any further questions, please contact me at carla@johnhwatsonsociety.com and I will get you in direct contact with our membership consultant, Robin, to help meet your needs.

If you wish to renew your membership now, please visit our JHWS Store.

Thank you for your time.

Best wishes,

Carla Buttons

Membership in the Society

Membership in The Society

Her Majesty and her troops

Honorary Life Membership in The John H Watson Society is granted to all living members of the Berkshires who served at the 1880 Battle of Maiwand. All others may purchase a membership, which includes a subscription to The Watsonian, through the John H Watson Society Shop.

Prospective members do not require an invitation from the Society to become members; all interested Watsonians are encouraged to join our collegial Society where inclusion is always preferable.

Membership is extended to all Watsonians and others who wish to enlarge and enhance the Watsonian literary and historical milieu.