221B Con

It is just one week until 221B Con, the “Fan Con for all things Sherlock Holmes” in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ll be attending for the first time, and I’ll be part of the panel for the session on ASH, BSI, and Other Sherlockian Organizations. That panel is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, 11 April, in Salon C. (NB: The schedule is subject to change.)

I’ll also have 150 of these:

Watsonian badge ribbons

Will you be there? Saturday the 11th is also the Society’s second birthday, so I propose a lunchtime Consultation immediately following the panel. Hope to see you there!

5 Replies to “221B Con”

  1. I need one of these in my life! But I’m not going to be at the con. Can I convince you to get one to Con Director Crystal so she can bring it back to me in England?

    1. You absolutely can! 🙂 I’ll put one in an envelope with your name on it right now.

  2. I won’t be able to attend but I wonder if a group photo of the JHWS members in attendance can be arranged and posted on the website, with an accompanying identification of all. It would be great to see the assembled throng of Watsonians.

  3. Have fun at the Con and definitely please post a photo on the website!

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