A Consultation with the John H Watson Society

On April 13, 2013, the John H Watson Society held its very first “consultation” – toasts were given, food was eaten, and drinks were drunken. It’s high time this tradition was revived, and the upcoming 221B Con gives us the perfect opportunity!Watsonian badge ribbons

Of course, those who have perused the Con Schedule know that the weekend is already jam-packed. But you need to eat (and drink).

(Trust me on this; I’m a mom.)

Join me (“Selena Buttons”) in the bar area of the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center for conversation, drinks, munchies, and an all-round good time on Saturday, April 8, at 10:00pm EDT. Internet permitting, there will also be an open Google Hangout for those of you who can’t make it to Atlanta to join in virtually. There will be “Watsonian” badge ribbons, too.

Hope to see you there!

221B Con

It is just one week until 221B Con, the “Fan Con for all things Sherlock Holmes” in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ll be attending for the first time, and I’ll be part of the panel for the session on ASH, BSI, and Other Sherlockian Organizations. That panel is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, 11 April, in Salon C. (NB: The schedule is subject to change.)

I’ll also have 150 of these:

Watsonian badge ribbons

Will you be there? Saturday the 11th is also the Society’s second birthday, so I propose a lunchtime Consultation immediately following the panel. Hope to see you there!

A Consultation of the Society: 27 December 2013

Two days after Christmas, as per the Canonical text, a Consultation of the Society was held in Napa, California at the home of Charter Members Andree and Chuck Youngson, “Belle” and “Jeeves.” The gracious hosts prepared the wonderful classic British dinner of roast beef with all the trimmings and additional dishes, appetizers, and desserts, as well as a liberality of wines, were brought by members. Suffice it to say that the warmth of hospitality, conviviality and superb cooking have seldom reached such heights in the post-Christmas quietude.

The afternoon also served as a meeting of the Napa Valley Napoleons of S.H., Dr Don Yates, “Pal” in the chair. The “Blue Carbuncle” radio drama starring Sirs Richardson and Geilgud was listened to and discussion followed.

Prof Yates called the Society’s third Consultation to order. The nine Founding and Charter Members present included Prof Yates and Dr Joanne Yates “Pal and “Sandy,” Andree and Chuck Youngson “Belle” and Jeeves,” Bruce Taylor “Booker,” Alice and Donald Schueler, “Goldie” and “Ascoyne,” Andrea Stewart “Asta” and Don Libey, “Buttons.”

Prof Yates called the Consultation to order at 3:00 p.m. A toast to Dr Watson was offered and celebrated. A motion was made to proceed with Bylaw #5 and to adjourn the meeting as no other business was before the Society. The motion carried and the Chair adjourned the Consultation at 3:05 p.m.  Following the meeting, a fine bottle of aged port was poured and sticky toffee pudding was enjoyed by all.

“Dash” and Spicy Szechaun

Spicy Szechaun Beef from Spicy and Tasty in Flushing NY

Harrison Hunt, “Dash,” sends along this photo of a recent evening’s Szechaun choice at Spicy and Tasty in Flushing NY, where he says it is the best spicy beef he has enjoyed.

This is in response to a quiz comment from several months ago wherein Buttons asked for recommendations for spicy beef in response to Founder Bruce Taylor’s love of the said dish. A “Consultation” of five Founders was held in San Rafael, CA and all enjoyed the dish served at the late Col. Ted Schulz’s favourite Szechaun restaurant where a celebration of his life was held.

The First “Consultation”

The Society’s first Consultation was held at the home of Don and Joanne Yates on Saturday, April 13, 2013, from 12 noon to sometime after dark. Five of the Founding Members were present and a quorum was called. By-Laws 1 and 2 were, at all times, respected and By-Law 5 was given very adequate exercise.

The Chair, Prof. Yates, officially welcomed into Founding Membership Peter Blau, Michael Kean, Donald Pollock and Bruce Taylor. Appropriate toasts were made to each Founder.

The first “Consultation” was held as a part of a large gathering to celebrate the birthday of Don Yates. “The Woman,” Dr. Joanne Yates, prepared a sumptuous feast of authentic Argentine deliciacies, some specially flown in from the long, pointy country to the south, including chorizo, grilled sweetbreads (delicious), empanadas (beyond delicious), and Argentine beefsteak, grilled to perfection. A selection of Napa Valley wines rounded out the participants.

Much discussion was devoted to Watsonian and Sherlockian topics and speculation. Later, after feasting and liberal tastings, naps were noted.

A memorable day; a wonderful gathering; a singular and very special feast; an historic “Consultation.”