Weekly Forum 2015: #13

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Holmes ruminates about God more than once in the Canon. Does Watson express any thoughts about religion? What does that tell us?

2 Replies to “Weekly Forum 2015: #13”

  1. I would suspect that Watson believes whatever he was brought up to believe and doesn’t much think about it. Holmes tends to question what seems “obvious” to the rest of the world; Watson, IMHO, simply does not.

  2. Yes, for Watson, I think it would be an ‘it is what it is’ kind of thing: Accepted, without question. Having just said that, maybe I want to contradict myself just a bit: I do believe that his relationship with Holmes taught him to question everything in a way, and to challenge his own perceptions and thinking about what he might have considered before as ‘givens’. This question puts us back into the stance of wishing, once again, that Watson had told us more about himself.

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