Weekly Quiz Masters for 16-21 September 2013

The First Weekly Quiz was successfully completed by the following participants:

Team Category: Margie Deck, JHWS “Gwen” and Sheila Holtgreive, JHWS “Daisy”. These two intrepid quizzers and members of the successful Team Category of the First JHWS Annual Canonical Treasure Hunt, had all 20 correct answers.

Individual Member Category: First to answer within hours of the quiz posting was James O’Leary, JHWS “Pippin” who scored 19 correct answers in a three-way tie with Denny Dobry, JHWS “Kirby” and Elinor Hickey, JHWS “Misty” also with 19 correct answers each.

Individual Non-Member Category: Dean Turnbloom who answered all 20 questions correctly.

These Weekly Quiz Masters may now challenge for the Monthly Quiz Master designation in their quest for the Annual Quiz Master title.

Interesting that the participants with 19 correct answers missed the same question, #11 having to do with the circa 1683 ancestral home of the Roylotts, Stoke-Moran. The answers are posted at the bottom of the original quiz notice below and may be downloaded by clicking on the icon.

Next week’s Quiz will be posted by 12 noon (Pacific) on Monday, 23 September 2013 and will end on 12 noon (Pacific) Saturday, 28 September 2013. Please join in as the more challengers we have the greater the fun!

Good luck to all and congratulations to this week’s Quiz Masters.

3 Replies to “Weekly Quiz Masters for 16-21 September 2013”

  1. Ok, Buttons we did not miss the Stoke Moran question. So, how are we part of the 19 answer group? We are unclear on what we missed? Our answer for #1 about the ward is different from yours; however it is canonically correct per page 433 in ‘W’. Please advise? Thanks, Margie (Gwen) and Sheila (Daisy)

    1. You had all 20 correct … it was my error … the posting is now correct. Sorry. Great work … again!

  2. Nice catch, Margie and Sheila. Aside from “the projecting ridge of a lock or keyhole that prevents the turning of a key other than the proper one or the notch cut into a key that corresponds to such a ridge” that you name from RESI, Ward, Lock and Co. published STUD which would be found in the front matter of the book; Watson walked about the wards in Peshawur (STUD), and Watson had an unfraimed picture of Henry Ward Beecher in CARD. I had found the phrase “watch and ward” (“A phrase used in the English law, to denote the superintendence and care of certain officers, whose duties are to protect the public from harm.”) in STUD. It’s nice to learn a new word or phrase.

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