Welcome Bonnie MacBird, JHWS “Lady” to Charter Membership

The Society is delighted to welcome a new Charter Member: Bobbie MacBird, JHWS “Lady” from Los Angeles, California.

Bonnie writes:

Bonnie MacBird fell in love with Sherlock Holmes at age ten and consumed the entire Canon in fourth grade, where she was sent to the principal’s office for using the word “ejaculated” in a writing assignment. A writer by profession, (TRON, many produced plays, former Universal story editor, and three time Emmy winning producer) she recently completed a Sherlock Holmes full length novel pastiche ART IN THE BLOOD, A Sherlock Holmes Adventure, for which she’s now preparing Paget style illustrations.  A member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, the Cercle Holmesien de Paris, The Curious Collectors of Baker Street, and the originator in Los Angeles of the Sherlock Breakfast Club and also the Sherlock Holmes in Brentwood play reading series, she also can boast having seen Jeremy Brett play Watson in the 1980 production of Crucifer of Blood on Los Angeles.  She has participated in the last two Great Sherlock Holmes debates in London, the first “defending” The Second Stain, and the second presenting the wonders of the writing techniques in BBC Sherlock.  A frequent visitor to London, which she considers a spiritual home, she’s a huge fan of Jeremy Brett, Benedict Cumberbatch — and thinks Martin Freeman a superlative Watson.  She was lucky enough to actually see them filming BBC ‘Sherlock on Gower Street early this year.  And she eats at Speedy’s a lot. She occasionally engages in non Sherlockian activities such as teaching screenwriting at UCLA Extension and is married to computer scientist Alan Kay. She has a dog named Watson.”

As we can all see, Bonnie has all the prerequisites for a life steeped in Sherlockian and Watsonian devotion . . . especially with the dog. Please join in a warm welcome to Bonnie MacBird, JHWS “Lady.”

“You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”