On June 2nd…

June 2, 1902: The house agent presented Mrs. Maberly with an agreement to purchase Three Gables. (3GAB)

Editor’s note: When my Wife and I first moved to Denver, we looked for an apartment. Imagine my surprise and pleasure at finding an apartment unit that had 3 Gable facades on the front of the building. The Apartment building’s name was The Three Gables. We stayed for many years as I worked at a local Hospital. The Apartment building’s address was 1635 Cook Street and still is. The last time that I saw the building, it is the worse for wear as am I.

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  1. I used to live at Wisteria Lodge. I bought a flat in a new block, one of two, on the edge of the town. When I signed the papers, the indication was that both apartment blocks were to be called Woodrose Lodge. Shortly before they were ready to be occupied, I found that I would be moving in to Wisteria Lodge…

  2. I wonder how many people in the world live on a Baker Street, and how many of them at a 221 (B, or otherwise)?

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