On July 31st…

July 31, 1889: At 2 AM, Holmes captures Joseph Harrison and retrieved the Naval Treaty. (NAVA)

All in all, I would say that July was a very busy month in the lives of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

On July 30th…

July 30, 1889: At 2 AM, Joseph Harrison attempted to break into Phelps’s bedroom. (NAVA)
July 30, 1889: Watson and Percy Phelps returned to London. (NAVA)

July 30, 1898: Fourth dancing men with the message “Come Elsie” appeared. (DANC)

On July 29th…

July 29, 1909: Fitzroy McPherson was killed by the cyanea capillata. (LION)

July 29, 1889: Holmes and Watson visited Percy Phelps at Briarbrae. (NAVA)

On July 26th…

July 26, 1889: Percy Phelps recovered from Brain Fever. (NAVA)

July 26, 1898: Second dancing men with message “Am Here, Abe Slaney” appeared. (DANC)

On July 17th…

July 17, 1889: An inquest into the death of Eduardo Lucas was held. (SECO)

July 17, 1888: Silver Blaze won the Wessex Cup. (SILV)
July 17, 1888: Holmes told Colonel Ross that Silver Blaze had killed John Straker. (SILV)

On July 11th…

July 11, 1895: John Hopley Neligen was apprehended at Peter Carey’s cabin. (BLAC)

July 11, 1895: Holmes sent a telegram using the name of Captain Basil. (BLAC)

July 11, 1903: Prof. Presbury was attacked a second time by his wolf hound, Rory. (CREE)

On July 10th…

July 10, 1895: Holmes visited the scene of Peter Carey’s murder. (BLAC)

July 10, 1888: At about 2 AM, Silver Blaze killed John Straker. (SILV) Another one of my favorite stories in the Canon. I never had heard of a horse as a weapon and innocent of murder by reason of self-defense. At age 12, I did not care about racing laws, rules, and such. Now as an adult? I still don’t care about them. It’s a great story.

July 10, 1889: A letter from a foreign potentate was received in the foreign office. (SECO)

On July 9th…

July 9, 1895: John Hopley Neligan attempted to break into Peter Carey’s cabin. (BLAC)
July 9, 1895: Holmes received a wire from Inspector Hopkins. (BLAC)

On July 3rd…

July 3, 1895: At 2 AM, Patrick Cairns killed Peter Carey with a harpoon. (BLAC)

Another one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fantastic word pictures. Quoting from the Canon:

And there in the middle of it was the man himself, his face twisted like a lost soul in torment, and his great brindled beard stuck upwards in his agony. Right through his broad breast a steel harpoon had been driven, and it had sunk deep into the wood of the wall behind him. He was pinned like a beetle on a card. Of course, he was quite dead, and had been so from the instant that he uttered that last yell of agony.

What a description!! His word pictures like that made me at 12 years old on the plains of Kansas move to Baker Street for the rest of my life.

On July 2nd…

July 2, 1894: John Hector MacFarlane was arrested by Lestrade. (NORW)

July 2, 1903: Prof. Presbury was attacked by his own wolf hound, Roy. (CREE)