Weekly Forum 2015: #22

Today’s topic is from our fellow JHWS member “Gwen.” Thank you!

Once Dr Watson’s elusive tin dispatch box is finally found, which of the untold tales mentioned in the Canon would you wish to read first?

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    1. I am quite prepared, as well. I would love to find out about the giant rat of Sumatra!

  1. I’d go for whichever one had the most material.

    Watson may not have taken complete notes on each and every case, especially if it were something where scandal might be involved. Not trusting to mere titles, I’d go for the thickest manuscript first!

    1. That’s a smart idea. It would likely be the most involved, fascinating and secretive manuscript among them. 🙂

  2. I’m torn between two: the bogus laundry affair (that is so much fun to say– it has to be a great story), and Mr. Phillimore with that umbrella. As for Mr. Phillimore, I’ve come to the conclusion that Dr Who must have had something to do with his disappearance, but I may be twisting facts to fit theories.

  3. ‘Beau’ beat me to my punchline, so I’ll opt for the Notorious Canary Trainer.

  4. I’d like to read the story of the Trepoff murder, if only to find out whether Trepoff was the murderer or the murdered. (Hat tip to Zach Dundas, whose new book parenthetically brought up the question.)

  5. “The Abbergeveney Murders”. Was Abbergeveney the murderer or the murdered? Or both? After all, “Murders” is plural.

    1. As much as I would like to find out about the Abbergeveney Murders, a part of me hopes that the events described turn out to be exactly as laid out by Bert Coules’ version of events in the BBC Radio 4 Sherlock Holmes version of the mysterious case. It’s one of my favorite episodes in the radio series.

  6. The shocking affair of the Dutch steamer Friesland. I’d like to find out how it almost cost them their lives, and how they managed to avoid that fate.

  7. I would love to visit the Island of Uffa and have some adventures with the Grice-Pattersons. If they are anything like the modern equivalent, living now in Salem, Oregon, it should be a blast. Daisy

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