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Illustration by Ralph C. Criswell for the Los Angeles Times (March, 1925)

As promised yesterday, the second in a pair of limericks about “The Creeping Man” by Sandy Kozinn (JHWS “Roxie”):

It turned out, as Presbury found,
His behavior would bother his hound.
If your nature you’d change,
You’d better arrange
Not to have your old dog hang around.

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  1. Holmes awoke Watson at dawn.
    The Doctor was tired and drawn
    but he was all rapt attention
    when informed of the tension
    that marked life at old Stoke Moran.

    There’d been Helen and Julia, her sister
    Sister J. was betrothed to a mister.
    She lit a Swan vesta,
    went on full-time siesta
    with no mark, not even a blister.

    Julia in fright had retired.
    With the fright that events had inspired
    She awoke from her dreams
    With fearful wild screams,
    Ran into the hall, and expired.

    Sister Helen now feared for her life
    For she soon was to become a wife
    And she’d been moved to the room
    Where dear Julia met doom,
    And heard a whistle that wasn’t a fife.

    Then came Roylott to disrupt the plan.
    An hunting crop swung from his hand.
    Dressed in peculiar fashion
    “marked with every evil passion”
    As George said: “he was a BAD man”.

    Dr. Roylott crumpled the poker.
    He said ‘I’m a killer not joker,
    You’ll be wise to stay clear
    As I’m someone to fear.
    Cross my path and you’ll be a croaker.’

    The Master set off for the trains
    That would take them to Surrey’s quaint lanes
    With resolution true
    And an Eley’s No.2
    Should Roylott attempt to cause pains.

    Holmes and Watson sat in the night,
    Heard a whistle, then made a light.
    ‘Twas the deadly swamp adder
    But that was no matter,
    A cane’s blow soon put it to flight.

    The adder returned through the vent
    And struck him by whom it was sent.
    Grimesby Roylott was dead
    In mere seconds they said,
    As soon as its venom was spent.

    So cheers to the brave little Miss.
    She has earned her marital bliss
    And to Roylott whose hurts
    Were his own just desserts
    We reserve our annual HISSSSSSS!

    1. My toast to Grimesby Roylott on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of The Speckled Band of Boston

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