On September 11th…

Still from “The Creeping Man” (Granada Television, 1991)

September 11, 1903: Professor Presbury received a ninth packet from Dorak. [CREE]

The marks on the envelopes showed that they were those which had disturbed the routine of the secretary, and each was dated from the Commercial Road and signed “A. Dorak.” They were mere invoices to say that a fresh bottle was being sent to Professor Presbury, or receipt to acknowledge money.

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  1. Selena, How about another limerick for our story?
    When Willoughby Smith was found stabbed,
    The golden pince-nez he had grabbed
    From the murderer’s face,
    Made her easy to trace–
    And the near-sighted Anna was nabbed.

    –W.W. Higgins
    Nate (the Great)

  2. Hi, Chips and Selena,
    I didn’t pay much attention a few years ago to CREE. Then, Buttons put out the first treasure hunt with a question from the story. Margie and I poured over the story inside out, up and down, forward and backward. So–now I like the story! Funny how that works.
    Love the illustration you posted from the Granada series.
    Cheers, Sheila H., Daisy

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