And Finally on This Day

1886 February 22: The beryl coronet was reclaimed by its owner.  The remainder of February days have no references in the Canon.

Dear Watsonians;

While watching a rerun of the Show “In The Heat of The Night” I heard  Police Chief Gillespie say to his chief of Detectives, “All right, Do you want to be Sherlock Holmes?’ Just once I would like to hear Dr. Watson referred to with the respect he is due.


Ron Lies “Chips”

2 Replies to “And Finally on This Day”

  1. Hi, Chips,
    I remember the movie–Sidney Piotier was really good. But, I don’t remember the quip about Sherlock–thanks for bringing it up.
    February seems to be Beryl Coronet month. Some very good stuff in that story.
    Thanks for all the tid bits! Cheers, Daisy

  2. Oops–Poitier. And he is a KBE and an ambassador also. Quite the man. He seems quite a bit brighter than Alexander Holder!

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