A Discovery?

Our valued Member, Kumar Bhatia “Bobbie” from UAE, sends us word in The Guardian of the discovery of a new story, potentially written by the Literary Agent, and found in an attic in Scotland. Already, there has been an outpouring of media attention to this event from across the geographical and the Sherlockian worlds.

In a number of discussions by noted Sherlockians on respected blogs, the weight of the proof would seem to necessarily fall on the side of proving its authenticity; most comments cite numerous reasons for doubting its provenance as being written by the Agent.

Here at the good doctor’s consulting rooms, we will await the definitive diagnosis, doubtless to come from the hobs and nobs of the Sherlockian milieu. Instead of declaiming, we have decided to have a nice meat pie and a pint, sit quietly on our stool, and await further news from the Scottish Borders.

As always, we are indebted to Kumar Bhatia, our “Bobbie” and a proven “bloodhound” for breaking news in the world of Baker Street.