Wonderful Watsonians: Teri White

Name: Teri White

Bull pup Moniker:  Piper

Who is your favourite Watson and Why?  I do love both Burke and Hardwicke, but in a way I see them as two halves of the same character. Burke was very much the soldier and Hardwick the doctor, in my view. Which is why my favourite is Martin Freeman, who seems to embody both the soldier and the physician in one man.

If Watson were writing a story about you what would It be titled? The Case of the Obsessed Fan. Because I have been fanatic about Holmes and Watson since I was about 10, which is nearly 65 years ago, I think the appellation fits.

Give us an improbable fact about yourself:  Many people I know do not realise that I actually won an Edgar A. Poe award from the Mystery Writers of America way back in 1983, for Best Original Paperback. Now I mainly write fan-fiction, in both the modern and the Victorian universes.

Why did you join the JHWS? Because I can never get enough of the good doctor and his detective. Although I am more of a lurker than anything else and I do not like to use Zoom, etc. I do enjoy reading everything from the society. And I hope that one day there might be some actual meeting up to be enjoyed.

Thank you, Teri! We love all of our wonderful Watsonians and we want to feature each and every one of you! Just respond to the questions above and send your answers to buttons@johnhwatsonsociety.com!