Wonderful Watsonians: Maria Fleischhack

Name: Maria Fleischhack

Bullpup moniker: Ettie

Who is your favorite Watson and why?

That is such a hard question to answer. I think, in terms of affective engagement, it’s Martin Freeman’s Watson. I love how dangerous he is, and how he lets Sherlock know exactly what he thinks. A wonderful sounding board for Sherlock. I do really, really love Vitaly Solomin’s Watson, too. He gives the best side eye and is so human. I love his portrayal. Another Watson I love is Jude Law, for similar reasons. He keeps Sherlock in check when he goes off where he shouldn’t go. I really like the dynamic between a capable Watson who also has a life outside of the immediate relationship with Holmes and a Holmes who allows himself to depend on Watson in more than just a connection to work. It seems most canonical to me.

If Watson was writing a story about you, what would it be titled?

“The Adventure of the Disoriented Lecturer” – Just, as a reflection of my general being. It would possibly involve the disappearance of a to-do list which would lead to utter and total chaos which then, as if by a miracle, is resolved again because I accidentally do, in fact, get all he things on the list done, but possibly in a slightly altered order with with a couple of glasses of wine in between.

Give us an improbable fact about yourself! 

I am dyslexic (though not severely) and hold a PhD in English Literature.

Why did you join the JHWS? 

Because I love John Watson so, so much! And what could be better than to be a member of a group of people who feel the same way?! Also, the Watsonian is a truly wonderful publication and I love to read it.

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