Weekly Quiz #5 Quiz Masters

The honours for Weekly Quiz #5 go to: (answers posted below)

Member Individual Category:  The first to submit with 20/20 correct answers plus 5 bonus points for textual citations is James O’Leary “Pippin”, who claims the honours this week.  He was followed by Denny Dobry “Kirby”, Dean Turnbloom “Stoker”, and Elinor Hickey “Misty”, who all came within two questions.

Member Team Category: Again (for the fifth week) our intrepid team of members from Seattle, Margie Deck “Gwen” and Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” took the team honours with 20/20, also plus the 5 bonus points.

Congratulations to these Quiz Masters and Quizzees who continue to be difficult to stump.  They will go forward to the Monthly Quiz #2.

2 Replies to “Weekly Quiz #5 Quiz Masters”

  1. Buttons: I don’t think I can tell you often enough how much your work in creating the quizzes is appreciated! You are a grand craftsman and it is wonderful to puzzle with you. Margie “Gwen”

    1. “Gwen” . . . Thank you very much indeed. The little secret is that you get great joy from figuring out the quizzes (and are very good at it) while I get equal joy in attempting to stump you. One day I might even succeed.

      Your kind words are greatly appreciated.

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