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    Personally, my favorite is Ben Kingsley. “Without a Clue” always makes me smile.

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    Michele Lopez "Reggie"

    Very difficult, I’d set for three:
    David Burke in the Granada series
    Vitaly Solomin in the russian 80’s series
    Donald Pickering in the Sheldon Leonard Polish/English series
    Honorable mention to Martin Freeman especially for “The Abominable Bride”.

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    Let’s not forget James Mason…..

    And what do JHWS members think about Robert Duvall’s portrayal?

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      There are different portrayals of Watson that I like for different reasons. I very much like Duvall’s Watson; I prefer David Burke over Hardwicke; Ben Kingsley is great as Watson-as-Holmes; H. Marion Crawford as a saner, more down to earth younger brother of Nigel Bruce (and a great mustache); Jude Law as the Canonical anchor of the Downey series; Lucy Liu, who really does capture those Watsonian characteristics that we love about the doctor and Andre Morell. I can’t say I’ve seen most Canonical adaptations so there are some I can’t form an opinion on.

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    My favorites are David Burke and Edward Hardwicke from the Granada series, Kenneth Welsh, who played opposite a dreadful Matt Frewer in the television series that aired in 2000 or thereabouts, and Martin Freeman. Honorable mention goes to James Mason in Murder by Decree, Jude Law, and Lucy Liu.

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    I have two actors to nominate.Robert Duvall for Watson in 7% Solution. Martin Freeman in the PBsSherlock series. The old and the new so to speak.

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    I think H. Marion Crawford from the Ronald Howard Holmes series doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. He portrayed a youngish, athletic Watson who was an integral part of the stories. (And as Pippin has pointed out, he had a great moustache.) I also like Jude Law for the same reasons. And Edward Hardwicke, just as a matter of personal preference over Burke.

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