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    1. Good choice, Jason.

      Hmmmm…. Although she went through a great deal of hardship in 3GAB, I think Mrs Maberley lucked out – not only was her case solved and her enemy foiled, but she received five thousand pounds for a first-class world trip, which had always been her dream.

  1. John H Watson. He had adventures in his lifetime and won the most valuable treasure Mary Morstan,his one and only

  2. Well, in terms of sheer luck I’d agree on Peterson. £ 1,000 pounds reward was a fortune in those days.
    Also, paradoxical as it may seem, John Watson was a very lucky man in his Afghan adventures. At the battle of Maiwand 62% of the men of the 66th Royal Berkshires were killed. Watson was among the lucky 38% who made their escape.

  3. I would say that the luckiest people in canon were Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, for a chance meeting that resulted in a lifelong friendship.

  4. Not at the top of the list, but certainly one of the luckier people in the Canon was Lady Frances Carfax. With the help of Holmes and Watson she managed to cheat death, and may have gone on to a happy life with the Hon. Philip Green.

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