5 Replies to “Watson the Doctor: A Filk about EMPT”

  1. The writing is very sweet. I could see this being performed at a Master’s Dinner.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. I think it is great. I hope to do a poetry meeting for my scion society and I would like to include this if I may. I couldn’t get the words for the Ballad. Is there some other way? I love these unusual entries.

  3. Carol, Here you go. Let me know how it went, Chips
    Watson the Doctor
    Watson the Doctor was a happy jolly soul,
    With Sherlock Holmes back on Baker street,
    But that was three years ago.
    Watson the Doctor continued on his way
    with his heart filled with woe,
    How was he to know that his life
    Would change some day?
    There must have been some magic in
    That old booksellers wares
    For when the Doctor turned around
    He could not help but stare
    There stood Sherlock
    as alive as he could be
    When Watson regained conscious
    Holmes assured him it was he.
    Watson the Doctor helped Sherlock Holmes that day
    Quiet as a mouse in the empty House
    As Holmes led the way
    Watson moved quickly
    His revolver in his hand
    To save Sherlock Holmes whose throat was
    Seized by Sebastian Moran.
    Composed by Jean Atkins

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