“And what is left in our hands at the end?”

Hello Treasure Hunters!

We are now at the final ten days of this edition of the Treasure Hunt.  I hope you are having some fun and are not too discouraged if you lack an answer or two.  The final week is always the time for (re)attempting the questions that seem a bit impossible.

If you are not finished on September 1, please submit what you have accomplished.  As always, the John H Watson Society will want to acknowledge your work here on the site and with a small keepsake via mail.  Even if you do not have an answer to every part of every question, you could still come away with High Honors. The scoring is on a point system for each part of each question so results may vary greatly among the various submissions.  You could earn bragging rights yet!

Thank you for participation, patience, and good humor.



2016 Treasure Hunt Master