The Oenologic Holmes

Chips writes: I read this book,  The Oenologic Holmes, by a former member and Chief Surgeon of Dr. Watson’s Neglected Patients. (He now lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, and he is in a scion group there.)

It is quite interesting even to a Coca-Cola man like me.

I recommend you obtain a copy for fascinating reading.

The author, Steve Robinson, sells copies through his eBay storefront, Wolf Mountain Books. His very appropriate username there is “Vamberry”. You can also find him through FaceBook at Wolf Mountain Books. Some of you may know first-hand what a fascinating man he is to talk to, especially about wine in Sherlock Holmes stories. This book continues that. You will enjoy it.

Selena says: That book does sound interesting. Looking through the storefront, I have fallen a little bit in love with this 1895 Lupton edition of A Study in Scarlet. That cover! Hmm, the holidays are coming up….

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  1. Ron, Thanks so much for your kind words about The Oenologic Holmes! Readers are invited to visit my Wolf Mountain Books FaceBook page where I keep followers updated on new and interesting books coming in to the store, and occasionally publish a bit of bookish lore.

    Best Regards, Steve

  2. The Lupton is a beautiful volume. It makes me relieved that I am not a collector. I’ve met a number of Sherlockian super-collectors, all wonderful, and I learned very early that I do not have the avidity, knowledge, nor shekels to be in the collecting hobby.

    Through friendships with collectors over the years I experienced the thrill of being in contact with some of the greatest Sherlockian treasures.

    I guess I am a collector. I collect friendships and memories with Sherlockians around the world.

    1. I definitely don’t have the cash to be a big-time collector, but a little window-shopping can be fun. 🙂 Most of my most-precious Sherlockian books were lucky finds at my local used bookshop!

  3. I’ll endorse your praise of “The Oenologic Holmes”. Here’s what I wrote in the Summer 2015 issue of “The Sherlock Holmes Journal”:
    “The Oenologic Holmes: The Role of Wine in the Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes by Steve Robinson (Battered Silicon Dispatch Box; Cdn$20.00 + postage) is a charming little book, beautifully illustrated with photos by Jack Winn. In 46 pages it can’t go into the sort of detail covered, for instance, by Patricia Guy in her excellent Bacchus at Baker Street, but it does take a fresh, intelligent look at the part played by wine (and its consumption) in Watson’s chronicles.”
    That Lupton edition of “A Study in Scarlet” is one I don’t recall seeing before. It looks gorgeous!

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