The JHWS 2023 Final Results!

The 2023 John H. Watson Society Treasure Hunt is over and it was the closest contest in many years. Entries were received from around the world including Canada, Australia and France.

The overall and individual US champion, once again, was Michael Ellis of Plymouth, Michigan who answered all questions correctly, except one, for 198 points. He was one of only four contestants whocorrectly solved the dreaded cipher. Ellis is a multiple champion who was edged out for first place last year by Stephen Mason and Todd Winegar (each getting 181 points) who fell to a tie for fourth place. 

Paul Thomas Miller solved the cipher and won the International individual championship with 189 points, edging Enrico Solito (182).

The US team championship went to the Sound of the Baskervilles from Seattle, Washington, who scored 192 points and were comprised of Cameron Brandon, Margie Deck, Nancy Holder, Naching Kassa and David Merrell.  They correctly solved the cipher, too, as did the Maughan Family (Carrie, Michael, and Caitlyn) from Canada (175). The US team of Brad Keefauver, Sandy Kozinn and Madeline Quinones finished second with 185 points. 

The International team champions, La Fayette (182), came from France and were comprised of Daniel Henocq, Léandre Helbecque, Nicolas Maurel-Lalague, Florence Turenne, Anne du Ranquet, Thomas Bataillon (age 12), Véronique Chapperon and Thierry Saint-Joanis (Tristan JHWS).

Here are the top scorers:


Michael Ellis                198  US Champion

Paul Thomas Miller     189  International Champion

Enrico Solito                 182

Steve Mason                181

Todd Winegar               181

Mark Doyle                   180

Johanna Freeman        178

Ellie Lo                         175


Sound of the Baskervilles     192 US Champions

Keefauver, Quinones, Kozinn   185

La Fayette                                182 International Champions

The Maugham Family               175

Corrected answers were e-mailed to all participants. Congratulations to all who participated. 

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners and participants. Everyone is a winner who participated.
    A wonderful and fun way to keep the memory of The Master Green.

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