The August JHWS Treasure Hunt Final Team!

The month of August went pretty fast for most of us, and the John H. Watson Society’s annual Treasure Hunt challenge has been completed by many teams and individuals already. Yet there are those of us who might have been a little too busy, a little nervous about attempting the challenge on our own, or just didn’t get on the ball nearly early enough. For all of us falling into that category and functioning anywhere close to a Central US time zone, however, there is one last chance: The Final Team.

The Final Team will be a team of whatever ne’er-do-wells, lazy eccentric geniuses, and champions of the last minute who show up for a Zoom on Wednesday, August 30 at 7 PM Central time to start the quiz from scratch and see how much they can cobble together for a last minute team entry. Three hours have been booked, but c’mon, such an misfit band won’t even need that, right? You’ve seen the movies!

Oh, yes, and The Final Team, as it shall be known, will be recorded in their labors for a special post-Treasure Hunt episode (edited like craze for entertainment value, of course). Is this a crazy scheme? YES! But it’s just crazy enough that it just might work!

If you’d like to be a part of The Final Team, here’s the Zoom link to sign up for Wednesday night’s fun. Let’s go get it and show those early-month know-it-alls how it’s done!