Quiz Masters “Gwen” and “Daisy” Volunteer a Quiz

Our members from Seattle’s Sound of the Baskervilles, and intrepid Quiz Team, Margie Deck “Gwen” and Sheila Holtgrieve “Daisy” have devised a fascinating quiz for our members. It is all about unpublished Canonical stories and events.

Please send your answers to “Daisy” and “Gwen” at: thepawkypuzzler@yahoo.com

Margie and Sheila will answer you and will post the correct answers next week as a comment to this post.  Thanks very much to each of you for filling the Quiz hiatus with a wonderful test of knowledge!

The Quiz

SOB TEAM/Sheila “Daisy” and Margie “Gwen”

The Untold Tales

All questions relate to the untold tales mentioned in the canon.

All answers must include the story where the mention is found.

Scoring is five points for each correct answer; bonus question #20 is worth ten points due to the dual nature of the question.

One extra point per question will be awarded for including the correct page number from Buttons’ venerable 1930 Doubleday Edition.

  1. What vessel went missing in the mist?
  2. What does Watson deprecate and what will he do if it happens again?
  3. Holmes reminds Watson about a mild man who sought Holmes’ help; who was he and why did he want help?
  4. Only a very important issue could call Holmes from London as he was busy; what are the two things which had him busy?
  5. What fashionable person came to see Holmes and stayed part of an hour?
  6. In 1894 Watson had at least six cases which would furnish a narrative but apparently did not; name the cases.
  7. Lestrade mentions, in a letter to Holmes, a case involving a large, swarthy person; who is this person and what was his affair?<
  8. Holmes saved someone’s mother’s elder brother from murder; name the someone, the intended victim, and the villain who was to commit the crime.
  9. For whom did Holmes arrange an affair, and who reminded him of it the next year?
  10. Watson states that one July was striking due to several cases, one of which concerned a captain; describe the captain.
  11. Whose terror prevented Holmes from leaving, and what kind of terror was it?
  12. Name the deceased husband of a client who was also a client of Holmes in one of the early cases.
  13. While Holmes dug in vain in his commonplace book for a name his client wished him to know, he found the familiar names of two others with the same surname; give the three names and describe the three people.
  14. A client says to Holmes that he heard of Holmes in regard to a club scandal; name the client and the club.
  15. How did Holmes run down the coiner?
  16. Sherlock did not consult Mycroft about what case involving whom?
  17. What was coming to a head resulting in Holmes’ inability to go to Lewisham?
  18. In what abstruse problem was Holmes immersed in 1895?
  19. Name a king Holmes worked for and one he worked against.

2 Replies to “Quiz Masters “Gwen” and “Daisy” Volunteer a Quiz”

  1. Here are the answers to the puzzle. We had two 100% perfect submissions from Airy Maher and Denny Dobry.

    SOB TEAM/Sheila “Daisy” and Margie “Gwen”

    Answers: The Untold Tales

    1. The cutter Alicia, THOR, p. 1054
    2. Attempts to get at and destroy his notes, the whole story concerning the politician, the lighthouse and the trained cormorant will be given to the public, VEIL, p. 1095
    3. Bert Stevens wanted Holmes to get him absolved of a murder charge, NORW, p. 504
    4. 4. Case of the Ferrers Documents, the Abergavenny murder trial, PRIO, p. 539
    5. Young girl, STUD, p. 22
    6. The repulsive story of the red leech; the terrible death of Crosby, the banker; an account of the Addleton tragedy; the singular contents of the ancient British barrow; the famous Smith-Mortimer succession case; the tracking and arrest of Huret, the Boulevard assassin, GOLD, p. 607
    7. Aldridge, bogus-laundry affair, CARD p. 897
    8. Von Bork, Count Von und Zu Grafenstein, the Nihilist Klopman, LAST, p. 979
    9. She poisoned three children for the insurance money, SIGN, p. 96
    10. Mr. Fairdale Hobbs, Mrs. Warren, the landlady, REDC, p. 901
    11. He was tired, NAVA, p. 447
    12. Old Abrahams, mortal terror, LADY, p. 943
    13. Mortimer Maberly, 3GAB, p. 1024
    14. Godfrey Staunton, the missing three-quarter, Arthur H. Staunton, rising young forger, and Henry Staunton, whom Holmes helped to hang, MISS, p. 623
    15. John Openshaw, the Tankerville Club, FIVE, p. 219
    16. By the zinc and copper filings in the seam of his cuff, SHOS, p., 1103
    17. The Manor House case, Adams, GREE, p. 437
    18. The case of the two Coptic Patriarchs, RETI, p. 1114
    19. The peculiar persecution to which John Vincent Harden, the well-known tobacco millionaire, had been subjected, SOLI, p. 527
    20. The King of Scandinavia, NOBL p. 291; Milverton, the king of blackmailers, MILV p. 572

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