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  1. I was just reading about this! It’s called a wideawake because the felt it’s made of doesn’t have any ‘nap’ (whatever that is). If you’re not napping, then you must be wide awake!

    1. Well done, Ruby! “Nap” is a fuzzy surface on cloth or a hat body. Velvet, for instance, has a nap; silk does not.

  2. And the story… ?

    Excellent Roxie and Ruby … and one detects a little “pawky humour,” there, Ruby…

  3. That would be Grant Monro in “The Yellow Face – fitting due to the sleepless nights he had been having of late.

  4. A non-canonical answer appropriate for the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War: Wideawakes were Abraham Lincoln supporters during the election of 1860.

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