Gunpowder, Fireworks, Explosions, Bombs and other Militaristics… 

Buttons was half-finished with a pork pasty and a pint or two when a thought occurred:

Are there any explosions, bombs, fireworks, or gunpowder references in the Canon… explicit, implicit, implied or in passing… ?

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  1. Perhaps it is fitting that on this July 4th explosions and gunpowder are in the American section of “The Valley of Fear”; McMurdo blew up Chester Wilcox’ house with a bag of gunpowder, “the shattering roar of the explosion, with the low, deep rumble of the collapsing building, told them that their work was done.” The Red Circle wanted Gennaro to blow up Castalotte’s New York house with dynamite. The only rocket’s red glare in the Canon is “an ordinary plumber’s smoke rocket”.

  2. Explosion: Holmes bursts into an explosion of laughter at the thought of the letters written in blood meaning “Rachel” in STUD; the explosion in VALL noted by Pippen above, the explosion from the cabin in GLOR when the chaplain shoots the Captain and the later explosion when the gunpowder blows up aboard the same ship (either from a bullet or the first mate lighting it); and the explosion heard by Saunders and Mrs. King, the cook, when the shots were fired in DANC.

    Gunpowder was mention in GLOR (noted in this post) and VALL (noted in Pippin’s post).

    I could not find a reference to any bomb or fireworks in the Canon.

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