Limericks Beget Limericks . . .

Thanks to Ron Lies, we have our Weekly Limerick. It appears Ron has created renewed interest in this very old literary form,  as several members have commented and offered their own favorites. We will include these from time to time for the enjoyment of all. Our Chair, Prof. Don Yates “Pal” sends along this limerick and comment:

I’ll throw in a Sherlockian limerick of my own, in case you’d be interested in using it. It’s somewhat seasonal and requires familiarity with BLUE’s cast of characters, but most of our members will likely understand the play with words.

Sans hat and sans goose do we meet
This poor fellow roughed up in the street.
In the end such a winner,
He might have us for dinner.
Which could aptly be termed Baker’s treat.

2 Replies to “Limericks Beget Limericks . . .”

  1. My thanks to our chair Professor Don Yates for sharing the limerick. I collect limericks wherever I can find them for my enjoyment. So to Pal:
    Please share more of your limericks when ever you can. I have opened a new file in my limerick folder for youi. Your Blue Carbuncle is great. It looks lonely all by its self in the the file,
    Chips/ Ron in Denver.

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